Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Kevin de Leon

Kevin de Leon is running for the US Senate.  In California, the two top vote getters in the June primary will advance to the November general election (two top vote getters regardless of party i.d.).  I am endorsing Kevin because we need a change from Dianne Feinstein who, if re-elected to another term, would be 91-years-old at the end of that term.  She needs to retire.

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    I'm running for the U.S. Senate because you deserve a seat at the table. Please join my campaign:
  • 📻 T U N E I N with as we chat all things California politics and the work we’re doing on the front lines (because they wouldn’t let me DJ)
  • . can rant all he wants but there’s no imminent influx of asylum seekers coming to US. Border crossings along our southern border are at their lowest since 1971. should ignore Trump’s pointless & expensive call to send National Guard to the border.
  • Thank you for your environmental justice advocacy on behalf of the Inland Empire. You ask the tough, important questions and I’m grateful to have you on my team.
  • Back at my alma mater . Incredible to feel the support of students and my old professors. They are fired up and engaged! We discussed the future of CA and how we’ll fight for economic, civic, and electoral justice in our society. So good to be home.
  • ICE is targeting veterans and active military service members for deportation using secret sting operations. Secretary Mattis is right, these deportations must stop. The people who risk their lives and fight to protect our nation deserve better.
  • Dr. MLK Jr. tirelessly fought injustice. As we continue his fight against discrimination and bigotry in our society, we honor his legacy by speaking out against inequality and uplifting our most vulnerable.
  • Welcome to the newest member of the Los Angeles delegation! Congratulations Assemblymember-Elect - will be fortunate for your fierce advocacy on behalf of all Californians.
  • As families are attacked by a President pushing a racist immigration agenda we told D.C. CA won't be a part of their deportation machine. Sessions sued us in response. We'll fight back on this assault on the law and on behalf of our hard-working families - and we will win.