Saturday, June 16, 2018

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley

  1. I'm seeing twitter and facebook posts that Debbie Africa of the Move 9 is now free. But I can't find a news story about it. I hope it is true. Has anyone seen a verifiable media mention?
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    Yes, prison rape is not a joke, and 'joking' about it says a lot about the hopeless & clueless detachment of that person
  3. Liberals telling prison rape jokes about Manafort. This is just one example.
  4. Liberals making prison rape jokes about ? Good thing I already hated the McResistance. A time saver.
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    Ukraine funds Nazi group...through it’s youth and culture ministry.
  6. Trump is the leader of the dangerous country. Sorry I wasn’t clear.
  7. Did Comey do FBI business via a server in his house? Delete thousands of emails? Shady Hillary won’t let go.
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    The is pissed that the presidents of the US and Russia might meet and speak rather than killing us all.
  9. Trump and contradiction. Talks with Kim are a step in the right direction. But he is the leader of a very dangerous country. We’re not out of the woods.
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    As opposed to the democrats, the Black Alliance for Peace welcomes the outcome of the summit with North Korea. We want peace and the right of people to be from U.S. domination. We say close the bases and withdraw all U.S. troops from South Korea.
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    Palestinian uncle tomism. Getting the oppressed to fight themselves has been genius of European colonialism.
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    For the record, I do not recall having written this completely inappropriate essay, but I must have, because it's out in the Weekend Edition of , , , and on the blog ...
  13. “Truther” “Assadist” “Apologist” Only scoundrels use these words.
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    Replying to 
    But “reckless foolish and tragic” wouldn’t apply to the Iranian civilians if they did the “obliteration”
  15. I had never seen this video. Look at Hillary's eyes. She was very excited at the prospect of attacking Iran.
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    Fearing Korea peace deal "liberal" Democrats seem to favor the replacement of civilian government with military control. New legislation, from Sens. Murphy, D-Conn & Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill., bars Trump from withdrawing troops from South Korea unless Pentagon gives approval.
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    Both WaPo and NYT headlined that the Trump-Kim statement lacked "details". That slyly implies isn't really committed to denuclearization. It's dishonestly comparing a summit statement before negotiations have begun with agreements reached after months of negotiations.
  18. Remember when conservatives lost it because Obama bowed to Saudi king? Now liberals are apoplectic because Trump saluted a North Korean officer. Two sides of the same stupid coin.
  19. I am saddened that David Corn is such a douche.
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    On Tuesday, Rachel furiously denounced Trump for pausing war games on North Korea's border & (needless to say) implied he did it because PUTIN ordered it. This is a great (and funny) analysis of, and response to, Maddow's worldview from
  21. The U.S. declares a right to make war anywhere in the world. Surely Russia's border with North Korea gives it a right to be involved. Shut up !
  22. The American backed Saudis are destroying the port of , a lifeline for food and medicine. They also bombed a cholera treatment center. Genocide committed by U.S. ally.
  23. Che Guevara, Boy George and Donald Trump share the same birthday.
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    The democrats have gone quite mad. The good thing is that with their pathological hate for Trump they are revealing themselves for the reactionary, right-wing party that they are.
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    The U.S. is involved in assisting the Saudi monarchy in a genocidal war in Yemen as you read this and the hypocritical democrats are pretending that Trump should have raise human rights concerns with Kim, like the U.S. has some kind of standing on human rights - what a joke.
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    settler deliberately steers their car towards & runs over a mother & young child in al-Khalil
    This media may contain sensitive material. Learn more
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    To be fair, Obama only forced a WH veteran reporter, the first woman in the WH press corps, no less, to quit, so that's not a dictatorship, huh? Of course not, because it was in defense of Israel, great defender of Jewish-only human rights.
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    Just for the record, the South Korean reporters I’ve traveled to Singapore with are also shocked by the awful US media coverage of the summit and their obsessive hatred of North Korea and almost total ignorance of South Korea. Korean coverage is far, far superior.
  29. Domino’s Pizza doing the work of Government. Real. Not the Onion.
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    “Since World War II, Israel has assassinated more people than any other country in the Western world”