Sunday, June 10, 2018

Some Tweets from Ajamu Baraka

  • The UN must be brought in to play a role in a sustainable peace process in Syria since it is clear that the U.S., Russia and Israel are playing a cynical game in Syria that will not result in peace and national reconciliation.
  • The Tamimi family continues to suffer from Israeli brutality. This is why the focus has to be on U.S. imperialism because this criminality could not occur without U.S. support for the Zionist apartheid project.
  • Did people read the incredible comments from Obama about being too early because the dumb masses just were not ready for his version of enlighten politics? The only difference between Trumps' megalomania and Obama's is that Obama is supposed to be the nice one.
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    This was one of most informative and dynamic sessions of the .
  • The U.S. brings to every region of the world a threat of war, suffering and insecurity yet activists in the U.S. continue to give political cover for U.S. aggression. Opposing war and militarism is not an add on it is a position fundamental to being a human being.
  • Here is the closing plenary of the left forum where I was targeted by confused members of the Western left.
  • Can you believe the irresponsible gamesmanship from the democrats who are staking out a position on North Korea further to the right than Trump! This is why the government is in a crisis and there is no confidence in either party.
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    . at : The objective realities on the ground are different for revolutionary, people-led countries like Venezuela.