Saturday, June 09, 2018

F**ked be the War Mongers

If you ever wonder why things are so bad for so many Americans, wonder no more, look to the likes of this piece of filth:

I have often disagreed with American government policies, sometimes quite strongly (think thoroughly misguided ventures like the Vietnam & Iraq wars). But with this administration, I am, for the first time in my 73 years, embarrassed by my government.

The real embarrassment here is Maggie Haberman's disgusting father.

He wasn't embarrassed when the US government took part in the assassination of Salvador Allende and the installation of despot Augusto Pinochet?

And he wasn't embarrassed by Iran-Contra.

Or by Watergate, or by Nixon's crimes during the Watergate era.  That included spying on citizens.  Law abiding ones.  That included stealing the underwear of Jennifer Dohrn -- a woman not even suspected of a crime.  That included keeping an enemies list and ordering government agencies to harass the people on the list (which included, for example, harassing Jane Fonda as she came through customs -- resulting in the infamous 'drug' bust -- they were vitamins and prescription drugs).  This included using the CIA and the FBI to destroy the life of Jean Seberg -- a woman so haunted by what her own government did to her that she would take her own life.  We could go on and on.

He isn't embarrassed by the government's constant shooting deaths (especially of African-Americans).

He wasn't embarrassed by the government's attack on MOVE in Chicago.

He wasn't embarrassed by the government's inaction on the AIDS virus in the 80s --  apparently, he agreed with the government that the death of a gay man didn't really matter.

He's not embarrassed by the prison population in the US -- not the racial make up, not the difference in sentencing (based on race), not the prisoners being shipped here or there (wherever will keep them furthest from families and communities), not the use of prisoners as slave labor, nothing.

The inability of every president since Ronald Reagan to deal with the homeless crisis in America doesn't embarrass him.

Nothing, not even the Iraq War caused him as much shame as he feels today.

This despite the fact that piece of s**t Haberman worked for NYT when it lied day after day to start the Iraq War.

He's a piece of s**t who is responsible for the deaths of millions.

And he's embarrassed by statements -- words -- that Donald Trump made.

As Iraqi children continue to be born with birth defects as a result of the weapons the US used in Iraq, as the country continues to struggle under the violence still inflicted upon it by the US, let's remember Clyde Haberman as the piece of s**t he is and let's make sure he knows, in his final days, that no one respects him, listens to him or will ever miss him.

F**ked be the War Mongers and may they inherit all the pain that has been inflicted upon others.

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