Sunday, June 03, 2018

Iraq still has to suffer liars and whores

Why do we tolerate liars?

Republicans are scammers. Obama inherited recession. Ushered stocks from 7,000 to 20,000. Unemployment from 8.3% to 4.6%. Consumer confidence from 25.3 to 107.1. Withdrew from IRAQ. Killed Bin Laden. Crippled ISIS, MS-13. Sanctioned NK. They just noticed

In this day and age what would make you lie like that.  Barack left office with US troops still in Iraq.  Why would you pretend otherwise?

Because you're a cheap, tawdry liar.

In 2015, for example, (four years after the drawdown, there was no withdrawal), 6 US troops died in Iraq.  In 2016, it was 18 US troops.  In 2017, it was 17 US troops.  So far in 2018, it's 11 US troops killed.

I don't play partisan b.s. with people's lives.  Idiots like Christopher Zullo do.

They're idiots and they're liars.

The Democratic Party never kept its promise to end the Iraq War -- nor did Barack Obama.

Those were two different promises.  Nancy Pelosi swore in 2006 that if the Democrats won back one house of the Congress, the Iraq War was over.  They'd use their powers as head of Committees to end the war, to have investigations, blah blah blah.  They got both houses and the war went on -- and no real investigation was conducted.  In 2008, Barack went around chanting "We want to end the war" and insisting he'd end it within ten months of being sworn in, if elected president.

That didn't happen either.

Democrats and Republicans started the Iraq War.

You have to be a cheap liar and a subhuman to lie about the war that's claimed all these US lives.

And if you're count of deaths, doesn't include the Iraqi people, you have to be a real whore.

  1. The number of people who died in Puerto Rico due to Hurricane Maria is greater than: * the number killed in 9/11 attacks * the number killed by Hurricane Katrina * the number of US troops killed in Iraq

Greater than the number of US troops killed in Iraq?

Isn't that a cute little whore.  Sarah counts all the dead of 9/11 and all the dead of Hurricane Katrina, but only the dead US in Iraq.

What a whore.  What a cheap and tawdry whore.

Does her bumper sticker read: "Iraqi lives don't matter"?

It wouldn't surprise me if it did.

Whether you believe the conservative estimate of 500,000 (by 2013) or well over a million, these losses don't matter to Sarah.  Only the US deaths matter to Sarah.  She's a xenophobe and a racist.

Just what the Arab world needed, another know it all blond.

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