Saturday, June 09, 2018

Some Tweets from journalist Margaret Kimberley

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    Check out these posts. speaks to international media on a regular basis.
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    TO : “ and are political satellites of the .”
  3. I’m finally reading Fire and Fury. The republicans are the de facto white party. Yet they didn’t see Trump’s victory coming. They didn’t know their own people. Interesting.
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    If you are a Wikipedia editor, you can present evidence in the Philip Cross arbitration by going here: If you wish to present off-wiki evidence, mail it to:
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    I'm genuinely not trying to be contrarian but people are getting a little carried away re. Bourdain's politics. He was decent on some issues (e.g. Palestine, and Henry Kissinger most memorably) but he openly spread propaganda on a host of others, notably Syria & Libya.
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    The Tamimi family continues to suffer from Israeli brutality. This is why the focus has to be on U.S. imperialism because this criminality could not occur without U.S. support for the Zionist apartheid project.
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    Replying to 
    whoa. It seemed like a very genuine person, willing to share his challenges and joys w others.
  8. I watched show No Reservations on the travel channel. I was impressed that he didn’t edit this embarrassing incident from a show about Namibia. I probably would have.
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    A wise person said being attacked by one’s enemies means you have become effective. Events over the last weekend at prove BAP is now seen as a threat, making our 1-year-old organization a target. Read more 👉🏿
  10. Three weeks ago I wrote about high placed police coons like who support police brutality. Maybe I should rewrite so I can add his name.
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    Aaron Maté Retweeted Dr. Jill Stein 🌻
    Compare attention paid to Stein's self-funded trip to an RT gala where Putin sat at her table for a few minutes vs. Bill Clinton's trip where he met w/ Putin & got $500k for a speech from a firm fighting US sanctions. HRC camp later killed a story on it:
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  12. “They followed all the rules and protocols that we have in place. So, I’m not concerned about that at all.” Says head negro in charge after his cops handcuffed a 10 year old. I hate coons!
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    Reminder that Chicago police kidnapped 7,000 people and held them at a secret "interrogation" warehouse 82% of those detained were Black, while Chicago's population is only 33% Black. (Just 6% were white, while Chicago is 32% white) A racist police state
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    Read this statement of support for the anti-imperialist cause.
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    In support of anti-imperialism, response to the attack on by small group
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    and the co-sponsored a panel at the Left Forum called, "Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad," This is a video of the panel:
  17. A message from the United National Antiwar Coalition in defense of anti-imperialism and of people like Ajamu Baraka who live to fight for this cause.