Saturday, November 03, 2018

Some Tweets from Sarah Abdallah

  • And when Obama sent troops to Libya for another neocon regime change intervention — turning a once prosperous country into a safe haven for terrorists who now enjoy selling human beings in open slave trade markets — it was unconstitutional and a war crime.

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    The man who lied to the entire world about WMDs in Iraq, paving the way for a war that killed millions, gave rise to ISIS and destabilized the Middle East, wants to lecture us about the dangerous effects that lies have on a society.

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    Julian Assange started a leak outlet on the premise that corrupt power can be fought with truth. Corrupt power responded by detaining, silencing and smearing him. The persecution of Assange has proved him absolutely right about everything.
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    A reminder that the death of dissident Jamal Khashoggi isn’t the only blood on the hands of the Saudis: Yemen Girl Who Turned World’s Eyes to Famine Is Dead - The New York Times
  • Says the man who took troops away from their families so they could prop up jihadist terrorists more than 6,000 miles away in Libya and Syria. Sit this one out Obama.

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    Yemeni journalists have been publishing images and stories like these for years in English, all over social media! We’re only now starting to see western media cover them—all because a WaPo journo was murdered by Saudi Arabia. It’s shameful if you think about it.

  • Saudi Arabia has been bombing and starving millions of children in Yemen for three and a half years, with US-UK support and total impunity, but it is the cold-blooded murder of a single Washington Post columnist that finally triggered outrage from the mainstream media. Shameful.

  • You know the world’s upside down when the former CIA Director who meddled in the affairs of numerous sovereign countries, helped execute coups and backed jihadists that openly called for genocide against Christians in Syria wants to discuss “voting” and “inflammatory rhetoric”.

  • Welcoming news from Switzerland, but arms shipments should’ve been suspended long ago for the three and a half years of Saudi Arabia’s bombing and starving of millions in Yemen, not merely over the killing of a lone Washington Post columnist.

  • Obama, who deported more people than any of his predecessors, and whose interventions in Honduras, Libya, Syria and Yemen helped create a global refugee crisis, wants to act like he’s some kind of champion of immigrants and refugees now that he’s out of office.

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    Saudi Arabia kills journalists abroad, commits atrocities against women at home, and continues to bomb hospitals, markets, school buses, and funerals in their ongoing war with Yemen. The United States must immediately STOP providing arms to the Saudis.
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    Remember when the media investigated real stories and exposed real bad guys? Now half of what they do is lobby to have their competition censored while ruining ordinary people's lives with half-baked lies and smears. Then they wonder why people don't like them.
  • Coming from the war criminals who championed the lies used by the Clinton and Bush administrations to pave the way for the sanctions and catastrophic war in Iraq that killed and displaced millions of innocent people, that’s rich.

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    Yesterday, I was arguing: had Hillary been president, the US would have started so many more wars and military interventions around the world. It is a fact that liberals can't dispute.
  • A lesson on hate and violence from the Vice President of the Obama administration that armed racist jihadists to the teeth in Libya and Syria, and paved the way for neo-Nazis to run the show in Ukraine. Spare us the hypocrisy, Joe.

  • Imagine bombing and starving millions in Yemen for three and a half years, creating the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe, then asking for good publicity from the UN after you deliver a bit of aid to the very people suffering from your genocidal war. This is Saudi Arabia.

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    The Tragedy of Saudi Arabia’s War in Yemen
  • This is the same woman who championed bombing Libya back to the stone age, turning a once prosperous country into a failed, war-torn state where jihadists now sell Black Africans in open air slave markets.

  • You separated hundreds of thousands of children from their parents forever by arming jihadists that terrorized innocents and killed entire families in Libya and Syria. Save us the crocodile tears.

  • Julian Assange should be thanked, not smeared, for Wikileaks’ service to journalism
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    You mean conspiracy theories like Iraq having "Weapons of Mass Destruction"? You mean conspiracy theories like that - a conspiracy theory that you helped peddle and sell to the public - a conspiracy theory that killed over a million Iraqi civilians. You belong in prison.

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    No doubt the same chemical weapons Riyadh has been funnelling to the 'rebels' in these past few years.

  • Rather rich coming from the man who prosecuted more journalists and whistleblowers using the Espionage Act than all previous presidents combined.

  • Rand Paul: “Why do we have worldwide terrorism? The Saudis fund it.”

  • Libya, once one of the most stable, secure and prosperous countries in Africa, is now a war-torn, fragmented state where jihadist militias roam the streets and sell human beings in open air slave markets, all thanks to Obama, Hillary & their NATO buddies.
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    People are so selective with their outrage 😔

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    ISIS rose to prominence under Obama. Prior, they were nothing more than rag-tag militia attached to Al Qaeda in Iraq. Obama regime & Saudi Arabia armed, trained and funded ISIS and directed them into Libya and Syria. Come here to Syria. I'll drive you to Idlib. Ask them yourself.
  • The man who maintained a Kill List, expanded drone strikes, oversaw the destruction of Libya, Syria and Yemen, created ISIS, propped up dictatorships like Saudi Arabia and dropped 26,171 bombs on 7 countries in a single year alone, wants to lecture us about “civility”.

  • The Khashoggi murder gets unprecedented global attention while millions of children starving to death in Yemen due to Saudi Arabia’s bombs and siege are largely ignored.
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    Read this story of death and despair in Yemen and explain to me why we would sell one more bomb to Saudi Arabia!
  • Obama’s ex-CIA director who funneled billions of dollars in weapons to head-chopping jihadists that terrorized and killed thousands of innocent people in Syria, doesn’t have the moral superiority to lecture anyone about violence.