Sunday, November 17, 2019

Some Tweets from Bernie Sanders

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    “It’s time that we become the party of FDR again. It’s time for us to become the party of the Civil Rights Act again. It’s time for us to become the party that fights for queer liberation again, the anti-war party, a party that establishes peace and prosperity.” -
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    I want to be the party of the New Deal again. The party of the Civil Rights Act, the one that electrified this nation and fights for all people. For that, many would call us radical. But we aren’t “pushing the party left,” we are bringing the party home.
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    ., your message of “Us, not Me” is the one that resonates with me most. Your willingness to always fight for what’s right and fair is what‘s leading the progressive shift in this election. You are the original progressive. You are the one.
  • We’re going to win California. We’re going to win the Democratic primary. We’re going to defeat Trump. And we’re going to build a nation based on justice and dignity for all. Thank you Eastside Los Angeles!
  • No one should struggle to pay bills because they got in an accident. No one should sell their house because they got cancer. No one with chronic illness should be in debt their whole life. We're going to eliminate all past-due medical debt and guarantee health care to all.
  • We're not only going to beat Trump. We're going to transform the country into one that works for working people and not just the top 1%. Join us live in Eastside LA:
  • Thank you and ! Together we are going to build a nation based on justice for all.
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    Grammy award-winning band , who has endorsed , perform ahead of the senator taking the stage here in East Los Angeles.
  • Together we will take on the powerful special interests that control our political and economic life and transform our government into one that works for all people, not just the top 1 percent. Join me now in Eastside LA:
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    The is possible and necessary. Pass it on.
  • We are excited to announce the launch of our National Asian and Pacific Islanders for Bernie organizing program! Join us for our first strategy webinar this Sunday by registering at .
  • Iowa Chief Justice Mark Cady leaves behind a powerful legacy of protecting the rights of young Iowans and LGBTQ Americans. He will be greatly missed.
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    Oooooooowee, what said! We were feelin the Bern tonight! Thank you Bedford and Cambridge for spending your Friday night organizing for the win! . will be the the 46th POTUS! Come on Sombody! People Power.
  • The is possible and necessary. Pass it on.
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    Thousands came to the campus for the rally.
  • Thank you Fresno! It is great to be back in California. Together, we are going to defeat Trump and pass a Green New Deal to address the climate crisis and create 20 million jobs.
  • The proposed changes to Puerto Rico's Civil Code are an attack on the rights of women and the LGBTQ+ community. We stand with activists fighting against discrimination and to protect the dignity and human rights of all Puerto Ricans.
  • In my first week as president, we will introduce Medicare for All legislation.
  • When I am president, the United States will lead not in war-making but in bringing people together to take on authoritarianism and corporate greed.
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    is not an idea that came to you yesterday. You have led this country in the understanding that health care is a human right, not a privilege, and I thank you for that!” —
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    “We nurses have been fighting to win health care as a human right, to win for decades. And you know who has been with us all along? !” — Jean Ross, RN and NNU President
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    HAPPENING NOW: Hundreds of union nurses crowd NNU headquarters as we prepare to officially endorse in Oakland today. Watch live:
  • "The rest of the United States has just finally caught up to what this cat's been doing already for his entire career." Thank you !