Thursday, May 14, 2020

Understanding Capitalism with Vivek Chibber (Stay At Home #39)

What makes life so exhausting and miserable? You might hear some of your friends and family saying "the problem is capitalism". But what is Capitalism? Is it just how things are? Does it have specific rules? How do we know Capitalism when we see it? And if it is a specific system with specific rules, how do we change it or get rid of it? Today we're joined with professor of sociology at New York University and editor of Catalyst, Vivek Chibber, to discuss the contents of his first ABC's of Capitalism pamphlets: Understanding Capitalism. In this talk he answers all of the questions above and more. You can purchase the ABCs of Capitalism Pamphlets from Jacobin for just $10: You can download the PDFs here: Here is Vivek's review of Erik Olin Wright's How To Be An Anticapitalist In The 21st Century, referenced in the Q/A: Press like and subscribe! Subscribe to Jacobin: