Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Brady speaks on Senator Joe Lieberman

Is Joe Lieberman lacking in any spine or is he just prepping for his Zell Miller turn? There are so many people that I'm proud of today [Wednesday] and yesterday they spoke out and they made their voices heard. This man, who is one of my two senators, is not some distant relic of the party because 2000 isn't that long ago and that is when he was on the ticket to be vice president.
I do not think he is representing my state and I do not think he is representing the party. I heard Barbara Boxer, Ted Kennedy, Mark something [Mark Dayton] saying he could not vote for someone who lies and even John Kerry who looks like he's going to skip the quiet period Al Gore did after the 2000 election and fight for us.
But Joe Lieberman is a huge disappointment. He's one of my senators but I felt embarrassed by his actions and statements.
Randi Rhodes [The Randi Rhodes Show] was urging Democrats to stand together on Monday and I honestly thought if just a few of them stood together this would be the time that Joe Lieberman stood up. He buckles every time and I just wanted to weigh in and say that I do not know who he thinks he is speaking for and I'm not the only one in Connecticut that feels that way. I'm a mechanic and all I've heard around the bay from the guys and the people bringing their cars in was "What is Joe Lieberman's problem?"