Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Frank in Orlando weighs in on the Times

Frank in Orlando:
I must have read quickly because rereading we're looking maybe three Iraqis who are not in power. The average Iraqi is not heavily represented. It is the usual dominance from The New York Times of the power elite.
I do think that they do get credit for, however, noting the lack of water for a week. While Girl Blog from Iraq broke the story [at Baghdad Burning] and Laura [Flanders] and [Christian] Parenti were speaking to it when no one was in the media here, I still give the paper credit for writing about it today.
But something that is obvious from the Girl Blog is that Allawi's campaign uses this shortage to argue that he will restore order. Campaign materials are news and that should have been in the paper's report today. There is no excuse for that and leaving it out does a disservice since we are supposed to be, in this country, very focused on the elections over there.