Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A few quick notes

This is just a quick note.
First, on all posts where one members speak, I have been putting their name in the title and then running their comments below. Shirley suggested that the name should be within the post as well. I don't want a note at the bottom so we'll put it at the top.
Second, Frank in Orlando wanted to weigh in prior to the post. The paragraph in "Is the Times letting average Iraqis voice their opinions?" that dealt with that was cut off somewhere in cyber space as it e-mailed in. (Which is why you don't get the usual "Do you Yahoo? . . ." at the bottom -- it's there with all e-mail posts until today when both did hit the site and stay, but the posts themselves were cut off.)
Frank in Orlando wanted my opinion and in the missing paragraph, it states that this is my opinion at Frank in Orlando's request and that he was going to read my opinion and then weigh in later today.
That doesn't have to happen. You can just express your own opinion and be quoted in full (as Keesha and Gina were last week).
I will do links to the Democracy Now! post (and try to put in the two paragraphs that are missing) but I'm not going into the other post that's missing a paragraph (
because if things work out tonight (unlike last night) and posts actually continue to post to the site, I really don't want to get caught up in past posts.
Monday's first post (about the Times -- afraid to break the news or something) contains at least one typo as well as garbage at the bottom (four or five words that I wasn't aware were at the bottom of the post when I posted it). I didn't correct it because it's attracted some attention to people new to the blog and I felt that they should see the flaws from day one. (Because there are many in anything I'm typing.)
A number of you have e-mailed about those and wondering if, Ben's words, "Shirley's sleeping on the job?" Shirley is kind enough to point out errors that she comes across but that's not her job, just something she's kind enough to e-mail about. (I know Ben was joking, I'm not sure everyone was. So let me be clear that Shirley does that out of the kindness of heart and isn't paid for it. There's also the fact that no post is going to be perfect and Shirley's main concern is does a typo or word left out confuse or alter the meaning.)