Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Democracy Now!: Ex-Bolivian President Faces Genocide Charge

Lynda e-mailed requesting that this item from the headlines of yesterday's Democracy Now! be noted:

Ex-Bolivian President Faces Genocide Charge
This new from Bolivia: the country's former President Gonzalo Sanchez de Lozada and his ousted cabinet have been formally charged with genocide. In 2003 de Lozada's government was toppled after between 60 and 80 persons died protesting his free-market economic policies. One of his most controversial plans called for the shipment of Bolivian gas to the United States via a five billion-dollar pipeline through Bolivia's archrival, Chile.

Lynda: This is news and should have been front page news of the Times yesterday. And yes, some of us do care about things beyond our own immediate front yard.

Lastly, Kara, Ben and Shirley all note there are problems with the page today. (Something to do with not loading in full.) Shirley says if that happens to you, "click on 'permalink' at the end of the first entry you see, when you pull up that individual entry, go to the left and click on 'February' in the archives. That will allow all entries to be displayed. Hope that helps and sorry that there are problems."