Friday, February 25, 2005


Do your eyes deceive you? Do we have repeat posts?

We often do. From entries I e-mail in that don't hit the site so they're done through standard posting only to have the e-mail entry hit hours later.


I have no idea.

I know that for over two hours I tried to get the single post to post and got an error message each time. So I finally gave up and started doing individual entries. And finishing with those, I go to read the site and there are the individual entries and there's also the long entry that works through them.

I'm not in the mood to take them down.

They were worth highlighting so they can be highlighted twice.

The plan, two hours ago, was to get that post up, post the e-mailed entry on Black History Month, take a quick nap and then do a lenthy "Mag Report" entry. I doubt right now that there will be another entry tonight due to my frustration (and the consumption of time) after the Black History Month. Sorry.