Sunday, February 20, 2005

Nothing much happening in the paper today (that I see anyway)

I've gone through the rest of main section of the paper. There's a story on the voting rights of ex-felons that's probably worth highlighting. That's about it.

Douglas Jehl's article turned me off with the headline (reporters don't write the headlines to their pieces). If the headline to his "news analysis" is correct ("Early Clues to a New Sply Chief's Muscle") in this article on Negroponte, someone needs to remind the Times that he hasn't been confirmed yet.

That's about it. Go to Ron's web site (Why Are We Back In Iraq? to read a post on Ralph Blumenthal's story in the main section. (Why Are We Back In Iraq? is a permalink, look to the left side of the site.)

My apologies for not posting a Black History Month entry last night. (Especially my apologies if there's one waiting in the e-mails -- I've only read about half the e-mails so far.) We'll do two later today.

I ended up assisting a little with The Third Estate Sunday Review. And it's been an all nighter to the point that I'm now up three hours past twenty-four.

There's a lot worth checking out over there so use the sidebar to visit The Third Estate Sunday Review. The screen and the letters on it are swimming so let me note that it will probably be in the evening before I post again. I'm really tired and about to crash.

A Winding Road readers, please note Folding Star has an interview in the latest edition of The Third Estate Sundy Review.