Friday, February 11, 2005

Democracy Now!: Lynne Stewart speaks, Rafil Dhafir;BuzzFlash's GOP Hypocrite of the Week; Ari Berman goes international, A Winding Road adds a DINO

Democracy Now! is "always worth watching" (as Marcia says) but I hope we'll make time to watch, listen or read the transcript to the segment with Lynne Stewart. This is an important story and we will continue to highlight it.

Headlines for February 11, 2005
- Rice Warns North Korea Over Nukes
- Iranian President: Invaders Will Face "Scorching Hell"
- Abbas Sacks Security Commanders
- Rice Was Warned of al-Qaeda pre-9/11
- Germany Dismisses Lawsuit Against Rumsfeld
- Senate Approves Changes to Class Action Lawsuits
- House Passes Controversial Immigration Bill
- White House Under Fire Over Right-Wing Blogger

Convicted Attorney Lynne Stewart: "You Can't Lock Up the Lawyers"
Lynne Stewart and her attorney, Michael Tigar, join Democracy Now! in our firehouse studio for their first extended national broadcast interview following Thursday's jury decision to convict Stewart on all five counts of conspiring to aid terrorists and lying to the government. The verdict reverberated around the country, especially with lawyers who fear the government's aim is to discourage them from representing unpopular clients. We also speak with one of the witnesses at her trial, former U.S. attorney general Ramsey Clark. [includes rush transcriptl]

Iraqi-American Doctor Convicted of Violating Iraq Sanctions
Iraqi-American doctor Rafil Dhafir, was convicted on 59 charges including violating economic sanctions against Iraq, Medicare fraud and tax evasion. He is thought to be the only U.S citizen to be convicted of breaking the Iraq sanctions. We speak with his attorney and his friend of 20 years. [includes rush transcript]

Let's also note BuzzFlash:

Don't miss the GOP Hypocrite of the Week:Howard Kurtz The Washington Post Should Fire Him for Journalistic Malfeasance.

Laura Flanders speaks to many in our community, so note Laura Flanders to Host Anais Mitchell and Michael Chorney of "Hymns for the Exiled".

And this is a very important issue so please note: Don’t Believe the Hype: Privatized Water Is Not in Consumers’ Best Interest 2/12.

Let's note as well Ari Berman The Daily Outrage which focuses on the international today. (The Daily Outrage is one of The Nation's online features.)

Ned e-mails in asking that we highlight A Winding Road's post from today which focuses on another "Dino for the Hall of Shame:"

But I'm reserving our DINO Hall of Shame for those who break with the progressive values that the Democratic party should represent in ways that, in my view, are particularly reprehensible. Things that are beyond even the very real reasons for outrage that DINOs give us every day. It is A Winding Road's goal to do what can be done to defeat the Hall of Shamers in their next primary campaigns and replace them with true Democrats, and for that they need to have stepped over a line that is pretty extreme. I of course urge all of you to come up with your own Hall of Shame. You'll find plenty of reasons to induct members and if it makes you decide to work to elect true progressives in their place, then that's a victory for all of us!
You may have heard that Senator Ben Nelson of Nebraska, who was one of the shameful six that earned a place in our Hall of Shame for his vote on the Gonzales confirmation, has come out in favor of private accounts for Social Security. Today, he was joined by our newest Hall of Shame member, Senator Tom Carper of Delaware.

And Brad says Rebecca (Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude) is hysterical and to the point with her evaluation of Condi Rice's trip to France yesterday with "la puanteur de condi - the stink of condi:"

the french press is calling her the 'princess warrior' and 'madame hawk.' it's all so lol funny. before her eyes, all her attempts at charm fall flatter than a big barbara bush soufle - that is what we're calling that hair style these days, right? poor big babs, to look at her, the world gained a bully boy president and she lost a personal hairdresser!
don't you fret, big babs, georgie will be back to doing your comb outs in a little while. and shouldn't he? didn't kitty kelley tell us about how you used to go up to his boys school, kick off your flip flops and hop out there in the middle of the game in your mumu to join that cheerleading son of yours in a round of keep-that-spirit-up-i-said-keep-that-spirit-up?
back to condi, elaine sciolino tells us how the only 1s condi could relate to in france were a group of 7 to 9 year olds. i told you the gal was stunted, remember?
but i think sciolino's a little off on that. i'm willing to bet that a group of 6 year olds was also included. coz our own personal evita is all about the 'sixes and sevens and nines.' don't cry for her najaf!