Thursday, February 10, 2005

Democracy Now! Nepal and Goodman interviews Robert O'Harrow; dates for the Exception to the Rulers Tour; Naomi Klein & Tom Hayden in LA on 2-21

As usual, an outstanding Democracy Now! today. There were five e-mails today about the Nepal story (Amy Waldman's covered it in the Times and we linked to a BBC report today). Democracy Now! has an exstensive segment on it today. Amy Goodman's interview with Robert O'Harrow is also must read, listen or watch. (All segments are L, R, W.)

Headlines for February 10, 2005
- New 9/11 Report Shows FAA Ignored Warnings
- Bush Blocked Release Of 9/11 FAA Report Before Election
- U.S. Military Updates War Plan For Iran
- Bush Seeks $400M to Pay Off Iraq War Allies
- Pentagon: Guantanamo Detainees Sexually Humiliated
- FBI Joins LAPD in Investigating Police Killing of 13-Year-Old
- Wal-Mart Closes Store in Canada Preparing to Unionize

No Place to Hide: Award-Winning Journalist Robert O'Harrow Goes Behind the Scenes of Our Emerging Surveillance Society
O'Harrow explores how the government is teaming up with private companies to collect massive amounts of data on citizens and how, he writes, "More than ever before, the details about our lives are no longer our own. They belong to the companies that collect them, and the government agencies that buy or demand them in the name of keeping us safe." [includes rush transcript]

Nepal: The Completion of a Coup?
As international attention continues to remain firmly focused on Iraq, the Middle East and the Tsunami, there is another volatile situation that is reaching a boiling point in Nepal. Nine days ago the country's king seized full control of the country and sacked the interim government. [includes rush transcript]

Tomorrow, Democracy Now! will be addressing the guilty verdict that came down today on Lynne Stewart. It will be must read, listen and/or watch segment, I'll wager, so heads up for that.

We're also going to note the dates this week for Amy Goodman's The Exception to the Rulers tour.

2/11: Phoenix, AZ
2/12: Olympia, WA
2/18: Irving, TX
2/19: Austin, TX
2/23: Santa Cruz, CA
2/24: New York, NY
3/4: Arvada, CO
3/5: Madison, WI
3/10: Ann Arbor, MI
3/13: Miami, FL
3/14: New York, NY
3/14: New York, NY
3/17: New York, NY
3/21: New York, NY

(Yes, we'll do at least one reminder for the upcoming event in the DFW area, in Irving, TX on 2-18, but Phoenix and Olympia are this weekend. I'm not recalling anyone ever e-mailing that they were in Phoenix but we have two in Olympia so that's a head up for you.)

Not this coming Monday, but Monday the 21st, Naomi Klein and Tom Hayden will be speaking in Los Angeles.

There are two events:

*And if you're in the Los Angeles area on February 21, you can see Klein speak about Iraq, its recent election and related issues at the Venice United Methodist Church. There'll be a 6:00pm reception fundraiser featuring Klein and Tom Hayden to benefit The Global Appeal to End the War in Iraq. (Admission: $100.) This will be followed by the 7:30 talk.
*Naomi Klein Speaks on Iraq Monday, February 21, 7:30pmVenice United Methodist Church, 1020 Victoria Aveune (at Lincoln) Venice, CaliforniaAdmission: $5

If you'd like to attend, "reserve a seat, email to: RSVP@RGPINC.COM (Please specify whether you will attend reception and/or program as well as number of guests and your contact information.)"

And Naomi Klein has a new article up at The Nation entitled "Getting the Purple Finger" (this is available to all who visit the site, no subscription to The Nation required) where she addresses the Iraqi elections.