Thursday, March 24, 2005

Jude of Iddybud on John & Elizabeth Edwards' podcast; Jesse Jackson Sr. on voting

Maria notes that over at Iddybud, Jude's reporting on John & Elizabeth Edwards podcast chat:

John and Elizabeth Edwards' first podcast [Jude provides a link] has the feel of a 1940's-era fireside chat, a la 2005.

Former North Carolina senator and VP candidate John Edwards, along with his wife Elizabeth, who recently went through surgery for breast cancer, sat at their kitchen table with podcasting equipment set out on their son Jack's blanket. Their young children Jack and Emma Claire were "held at bay" temporarily while the Edwards sang their praises of Dairy Queen Blizzards and the UNC Tarheels (and a Nevada Wolfpack sweatshirt Elizabeth has packed away 'just in case').The NCAA basketball tournament was playing on a television in the background, admitted John Edwards, although its sound could not be heard over the podcast. He began by saying that the podcasting medium itself has had a personal impact on citizens, who are now able to have their voices more widely heard. Elizabeth reassured listeners that her surgery (10 days ago) went well and that she will soon undergo radiation treatment as planned. She said that thousands of concerned people have reached out with e-mails and snail mail and that she appreciates every one. Due to limited use of her right hand, she's been slow to respond, but hopes to be able to respond to many of the get-well wishes. She is optimistic about the future. Both she and John are working on issues of Poverty, Work, and Opportunity all around the country.

Note I: Please read Jude's post. It was longer than this and these two were intended as part of the previous post. However, I keep getting an error message when I try to post about HTML errors, so I've had to cut Jude's quote to get this to post. (My apologies to Maria and Jude.)

Note II: I had to put Jude's post alone to get it to post. I forgot to take Jesse Jackson Sr.'s name out of the title. Jackson is posted in a different entry but if I change the title after posting, it gives it a new web address. I don't know that anyone's sent out this post but I know that in the past when I've changed a title, I've gotten e-mails saying that it had been sent out to friends and now when they clicked on the link, it couldn't be accessed because I'd changed the title. So for that reason, I avoid changing titles. (That's also why I don't correct my typos in a title.) Again, Jackson is on the site but in another entry.