Saturday, March 26, 2005

Two things from Luke of wotisitgood4

Our friend Luke gives us a heads up to two things.

the nyt has done a terrible job reporting on richard perle's latest legal troubles. bloomberg wrote a reasonable piece on it, which the nyt ostensibly carried, but they omitted all of the damning parts of the story, saying simply "Mr. Perle said that he never profited from the deals."

Luke has blogged on this at his site wotisitgoodfor (here's the specific entry for that topic).

Luke also notes today:

In the article about the RedLake/prozac link, I wanted to point out the separate article at the bottom of the piece - firstly cos its funny, and secondly cos i find it odd when the nyt appends an article at the end of another article."PHOENIX, March 25 (AP) - All options should be considered to prevent rampages like the Minnesota shooting, including making guns available to teachers, Sandra S. Froman, first vice president of the National Rifle Association, said Friday."

The e-mail address is and yes, we're on a break, The Third Estate Sunday Review gang, Rebecca, Betty and myself. In addition to Luke, make sure you check out Liang's post here that's is very much worth reading.

If there are more breaks tonight, I still hope to do another entry.