Saturday, March 26, 2005

Liang notes Grace Lee Boggs

Liang: I'll do a history/timeline of Grace Lee Boggs because I'm not sure how familiar most people will be with her.

* 1914 Grace Lee is born in Providence, Rhode Island to Chinese immigrants.
*1924 Grace Lee's family moves to New York. Here her father will open the restaurant Chin Lee's in Time Square.
*1931 at the age of 16 she receives scholarship to Barnard College.
*1935 receives BA at Barnard College.
* 1940 recieves doctorate from Barnard in philosophy.
*1940 moves to Chicago joins the Socialist Workers Party.
*1941 Grace Lee becomes an activist and works on A. Philip Randolph's March on Washington project.
*1953 meets James Boggs, auto worker and Detroit area activist.
*1954 Grace Lee and James Boggs marry.
*1967 Grace Lee Boggs authors Detroit, Birth of a Nation.
*1969-1971 works with the Asian-American movement and helps found the Asian Political Alliance.
*1974 Grace Lee Boggs and James Boggs publish Revolution and Evolution in the Twentieth Century.
*1978 with James Boggs and Freddy & Lyman Paine, Grace Lee Boggs authors Conversations in Maine: Exploring Our Nation's Future.
*1978 Grace Lee Boggs authors Women and The Movement to Build a New America.
*1979-1981 Grace Lee Boggs and James Boggs helped found the National Organziation for an American Revolution.
*1984 visists China for the first time.
*1987 Grace Lee Boggs and James Boggs's papers are placed with the Archives of the Walter Reuther P. Reuther Library of Labor and Urban Affairs.
*1991 Grace Lee Boggs edits the book Conditions of Peace: An Inquiry: Security, Democracy, Ecology, Economics, Community.
*1992 Grace Lee Boggs, James Boggs and Shea Howell form Detroit Summer, a group for Detroit youth.
*1993 James Lee Boggs dies on July 22nd.
*1995 The Boggs Center to Nurture Community Leadership is founded.
*1998 publishes her autobiography Living for Change.
*1999 Honored by the National Women's Hall of Fame.
*2000 Grace Lee Boggs is awarded many awards. In May, the "Discipleship Award from Groundwork for a Just World; June's award is The Distinguished Alumna Award from her alma mater Barnard College; July's award is The Chinese American Pioneers Award from the Organization of Chinese Americans.
*2001 Grace Lee Boggs delivers the keynote speech to the National Lawyers Guild Conference.
*2003 Grace Lee Boggs delivers "These Are the Times That Try Our Souls" - the keynote speech in Flint, Michigan for Animating Democracy National Exchange on Art & Civic Dialogue.
* October 16, 2003 Grace Lee Boggs delivers "James Boggs: The Man, Organic Intellectual and Activist" which at Michigan State University as part of the African American and African Studies Program.
*2004 Grace Lee Boggs is awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters from the College of Wooster.
* March 27, 2004 Grace Lee Boggs facilitates the panel discusson on Catalysts for Climate Justice at the University of Michigan for the Environmental Justice Climate Change Student Conference.

The history/timeline does not note all of her accomplishments, it just highlights some.
As a long term advocate for peace, racial and social justice, women's liberation and the environment, Grace Lee Boggs deserves highlighting for Women's History Month. She writes a column for The Michigan Citizen Newspaper and an archive of her columns can be found online at The Boggs Center.