Monday, June 06, 2005

10 items from BuzzFlash

Are you visiting BuzzFlash? If not, here are ten items you may be missing. If you enjoy a link below, take a moment to visit BuzzFlash. Also check out the premiums they offer.

Iran Wants to Cooperate with the U.S., but Expects U.S. to show "goodwill" (An impossibility with "Axis of Evil" Bush in office); and more in the June 3rd World Media Watch by Gloria Lalumia

Staten Island students hurt that Erica Jong called politicians liars in commencement speech. Guess they didn't get a very good education. 6/6

Pat Tillman's dad said that the path to true patriotism is confronting your government when it lies. 6/5

"60 Minutes" explores "justice" at Guantanamo -- military defense lawyers stunned by lack of due process 6/6

"They all have the same name; it's impossible." Australian paper offers a snapshot of traumatized Iraqi villagers and confused U.S. round-ups of suspects marked with an 'X' 6/6

P.M. Carpenter: Just one domestic article on Downing Street Memo since it broke? 6/5

Veterans and others help woman soldier who lost legs in Iraq 6/6

From the archives on the occasion of Emmett Till's reburial: Washington Times editor, a pro-Confederate, says killing wasn't racism 6/5

North Korea Calls Cheney A "Bloodthirsty Beast" -- Verse-Case Scenario by Tony Peyser

Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral on a Moving Train (DVD); "Mr. Zinn delivers a challenge when he says, 'To be neutral and to be passive is to collaborate with whatever is going on.' Democracy he defines as 'not just a counting-up of votes' but a 'counting-up of actions.'"

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