Friday, June 10, 2005

Air America Weekend Schedule

Here's the weekend schedule for Air America radio's programming. (Fortunately, they've put them in order because I screwed up the order by which Marty Kaplin's show and Bobby Kennedy and Mike Papantonio's shows were repeating on Sundays.) We're also including "news" because there are members who really enjoy, for instance, Rachel Maddow and Randi Rhodes. I've included "news" in full (out of fairness). If you don't enjoy someone listed in news, don't pay attention to the item on them. (And yes, we'll give The Laura Flanders Show it's own listing on Saturday.)

Remember, if you're not in one of the 63 areas that Air America broadcasts over the airwaves (and you don't have satellite radio), you can listen online (via real player or windows media player). You can also listen online, Brenda notes, if you live in an area like her where there is a station but the signal's not clear.

From the Air America home page:

Weekend Shows

So What Else Is News?
Saturday 3pm-5pm with host Marty Kaplan

Ring of Fire
Saturday 5pm-7pm
When one-third of union members vote Republican, something's seriously wrong with the American labor movement. Mike talks with
Stewart Acuff, National Organizing Director of the AFL-CIO, about the push to get unionists back on the progressive path.
Thanks to "regulatory" councils stacked with industry insiders, the corporate pirates of the fishing industry are plundering the great Pacific fisheries and killing off endangered wildlife. Bobby talks with Paul Koberstein, editor of
Cascadia Times and author of "The Cats Running the Fish House."
Drug addict? Drop-out? No problem, the U.S. military wants you! In their desperation to shore up flagging enlistment, some military recruiters are breaking every rule in the book - and many unsuspecting teens are getting a very raw deal. Mike talks with
Liz Rivera Goldstein, a "counter recruiter" and founder of the Teen Peace Project.

The Laura Flanders Show
Saturday & Sunday 7pm-10pm The winds of change are blowing. This weekend, Congresswomen Lynn Woolsey D-CA, and Eleanor Holmes Norton, D-DC, on changing attitudes, towards the war in Iraq and a new effort to bring troops home. Listeners weigh in on the state of the American Dream, with help from two top New York Times journalists, Janny Scott and David Leonhardt, part of newspaper's Class Matters reporting team. Plus revolutionary womanist writer Bell Hooks and pop singer-songwriter Jill Sobule, who recently interviewed Laura. Get the scoop right here!

The Kyle Jason Show Saturday 10pm-Midnight
This Saturday night, Kyle and his crew will dedicate the show to a discussion about Hip-Hop culture. More specifically; they will debate and discuss the influence of magazines that promote Hip-Hop culture. Are these periodicals benefiting their readers? Do they promote unity and positivity or do they perpetuate a culture of ignorance and negativity? What do you think the overall effect is on the end-user, a.k.a., the reader? The Phone lines will be open, so give Kyle a call and let him know what you think about the issue. And, as always Kyle will be playing some funky music from his grab-bag. Call 1-866-303-2270 (A.A.R.O)

Best of Mike Malloy
Sunday Midnight to 3am

Ecotalk Sunday 7am-8am
On the heels of Al Gore's impassioned presentation on global warning; "humanity is on a collision course with the planet", delivered at last week's World Environment Day conference, came word that the head of the President's Council on Environmental Quality doctored documents on climate change to minimize the connection between greenhouse gas emissions and climate change (even though it's pretty clear to the rest of us!). We'll hear from the
Union of Concerned Scientists, as well as a defender of such egregious editing. We'll also meet the author of a new book on "Nature Deficit Disorder".

Liberal Arts
Sunday 1pm-2pm with host Katherine Lanpher

Politically Direct
Sunday 2pm-3pm with host David Bender

The Revolution Starts Now!
Sunday 10pm-11pm with host Steve Earle

On The Real
Sunday 11pm-1am with Chuck D and Gia'na Garel

Air America News

Air America Supports ONE: The Campaign to Fight Poverty
From July 6th-9th, the leaders of the most powerful nations in the world will convene at the G8 summit to determine the fate of the impoverished. Take action by signing the "One" declaration, or attend a star-studded Live 8 concert in mass protest.

Rachel Maddow on MSNBC
Rachel Maddow, host of
The Rachel Maddow Show, AAR's early morning news hour, will be become MSNBC's first and only progressive spokesperson when she takes her place as a regular panelist on the 'The Situation', hosted by conservative bow tie model Tucker Carlson.

Randi in Phoenix
Randi will broadcast live from Phoenix June 13th-17th on 1010 Talk KXXT

Al Franken Returns to Sundance
You asked for it and it's back: the second season of
Sundance Channel's The Al Franken Show. Every day, starting June 6 at 11:30pm (repeated at 2:30am and 7:00am).

Morning Sedition NYC Summer Tour
Marc and Mark continue their New York City tour with a live broadcast this Friday, June 10th from The Strand Bookstore, 828 Broadway at 12th St. Guests will include Democratic Mayoral candidate Virginia Fields, playwright and actor Eric Bogosian, and Comedian Jim David.

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