Friday, June 17, 2005

Apologies to Anne of Peevish...I'm Just Saying & to Isaiah

As noted in the should-have-been mid-day post by e-mail:

My apologies to Anne of Peevish...I'm Just Saying. I called her "Amanda" in last night's entry by mistake. (I'll correct from home this evening.) Anne deserved credit for the entry we noted (sent in by Liang) and we're going to note her section again (but with her name correct this time):
Liang e-mails to note Anne's "
Because I Do Think, Sometimes" (Peevish...I'm Just Saying)because "this get's to why the minutes are important in the first place." From Amanda's post:
But where is it written that it's our choice to pick a country we don't like and to decide to turn it into a battleground? What gives us the right?Nothing gives us the right, okay? This invasion was unconscionable.The Iraqi people weren't consulted. They didn't get a vote. They don't have a choice. And they're dying by the thousands.We had the option. We had a choice. And we chose to invade their country and kill tens of thousands of them.
It's just wrong.

Again, my apologies to Anne and I've corrected it in the Thursday entry.

My second apology is to Isaiah who had an illustration for this morning but the file wouldn't open. I e-mailed him this morning (but not everyone's up that early and lucky for those who aren't). He's resent it and we'll get it up shortly. (I offered him the choice of saving it for tomorrow morning or posting it tonight and he wants it to go up tonight.) So look for the latest The World Today Just Nuts by Isaiah later tonight. (Note that the links go to past illustrations as well as to interviews with Isaiah by The Third Estate Sunday Review and Rebecca of Sex and Politics and Screeds and Attitude.)

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