Friday, June 17, 2005

Thank you to Shirley & Martha

Thank you to Shirley & Martha. They sent out the results of our election to the members who were interested but not on the gina & krista round-robin list.

I was dreading this evening which is going to be a busy one for personal reasons and wondering how any posts would go up. Shirley had volunteered some time ago to reply to the members who wanted to know the results and when this went up Wednesday:

Besides the 1103 who voted, there are members who did not request a ballot. If you are interested in the results, e-mail the site and we'll get something out to you on Friday as well. (We is Shirley and myself.) I'm sorry for the delay but we're not doing it on Thursday. Thursday is for Indymedia. We're not putting that on hold.

Martha kindly offered to help as well. They knocked it out, there's nothing left for me to do on that. So thank you to Martha and Shirley.

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