Sunday, July 24, 2005

British "Army to put seven paratroopers on trial for murder of Iraqi" (Michael Smith, Sunday Times of London)

Pru e-mails to note a Sunday Times of London story. I wanted to note it now and not wait for the evening post. It's Michael Smith's "Army to put seven paratroops on trial for murder of Iraqi:"

The paratroopers' case centres on the death of Nadhem Abdullah, who was allegedly beaten to death by the paras after a roadside incident at al-Uzayr in Maysan province on May 11, 2003. The location is close to Majar al-Kabir, where six British military policemen were killed by a mob at a police station just six weeks later.
The Royal Military Police special investigation branch twice asked the family of the dead man to allow the body to be exhumed but they refused. They recently agreed that an autopsy could take place but only if it is carried out within the confines of the cemetery where he was buried.
The case is due to be heard at Colchester in September. The army prosecuting authority (APA) asked the judge to put it back so the autopsy could take place but he refused on the grounds that it has already taken more than two years to come to court.
In addition, the APA had hoped to bring Iraqi eyewitnesses to Britain but it is understood that some of them are now refusing to testify.

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