Friday, September 09, 2005

Air America weekend line up: Howard Zinn, Herbie Hancock, Thom Hartmann, Dar Williams, Darian Dauchan, James Wolcott ...

From the Air America Radio homepage, here's the weekend line up as posted currently:

Ring of Fire
Saturdays 5pm-7pm ET. Rebroadcast Sundays 3pm-5pm
Yes, now is the time for pointing fingers. Mike talks with the always-incisive
James Wolcott about the Bush administration's chronic inability to accept criticism and correct its mistakes: first 9/11, then Iraq, now Katrina. Wolcott is contributing editor of Vanity Fair magazine and author of Attack Poodles and Other Media Mutants. What's in store for the nation's energy supply now that Katrina has cut into our domestic oil capacity? Bobby talks with Jason Grumet, executive director of the National Commission on Energy Policy, about the post-hurricane scenario and the Bush administration's oily energy policy. Howard Zinn, political scientist, historian, activist and icon of the American left, shares the wisdom of his life on the front lines. He joins Mike to examine the need for political activism in America today. Don't Miss The Pap Attack: Bush's Homeland Insecurity

[Howard Zinn contributes to The Progressive. His most recent article, on landmines, is entitled "A Surgeon's Touch."]

The Laura Flanders Show
Saturdays and Sundays 7pm-10pm ET
Laura shares up to the minute live reports and interviews.

[Hopefully, we'll be able to post a list of guests Saturday.]

The Kyle Jason Show
Saturdays 10pm-Midnight ET
This weekend Kyle highlights jazz legend Herbie Hancock.

[Kat notes that Herbie Hancock's new album, Possibilities , contains contributions from, among others, Stevie Wonder, Annie Lennox, Sting, Carlos Santana, Damien Rice and Trey Anastasio.]

Sundays 7-8 am ET
At last the climate chaos long predicted by scientists and environmentalists has hit U.S. shores in the form of high velocity Hurricane Katrina - but it's only a sign of whats to come, according to our guests. We'll hear from John Rennie, editor-in-chief of Scientific American, which predicted the devastation in a 2001 article, Drowning New Orleans, and Mike Tidwell, author of the prophetic 2003 book, Bayou Farewell. He'll tell us why this cataclysmic event is another September 11th event that will either make, or break, this country.

The Thom Hartmann Show
Sundays 10am-1pm
We are pleased to announce the addition of "The Thom Hartmann Show" to our weekend lineup. Thom--who broadcasts from our affiliate’s studios in Portland, Oregon--will now be heard on Sundays from 10AM - 1PM ET, on both WLIB, and the Air America Network.

[Author and radio host Thom Hartman regularly contributes original content to BuzzFlash. His most recent "'Independent Thinker' Book of the Month Review" is of Barbara Ehrenreich's Bait & Switch.]

Mother Jones Radio
Sundays 1pm-2pm ET
Angie Coiro returns with more commentary, interviews and insight.

[Check at Mother Jones magazine's web listing for the radio show for guests.]

Politically Direct
Sundays 2pm-3pm ET
David Benders continues to deliver the best interviews on todays issues.

The Laura Flanders Show
Saturdays and Sundays 7pm-10pm ET
Laura shares up to the minute live reports and interviews.

The Revolution Starts...Now
Sundays 10pm-11pm ET
Folk singer/songwriter Dar Williams plays her favorite picks including: Judy Collins, Paul Simon, Simon and Garfunkle, The Byrds and Suzanne Vega. Her latest album, "My Better Self" (featured left) hits stores on September 13th and it's filled with both political and personal insights.

On the Real
Sundays 11pm -1 am ET
Join Chuck D and Gia'na Garel for more discussion of hurricaine Katrina and its aftermath. Guests include Charlie Cross, author of "Room Full of Mirrors: A Biography of Jimi Hendrix" and actor/writer Darian Dauchan on his one man show "Fall Patriots," which follows the lives of three African American soliders in three different American wars.

[If you missed it earlier this week, Chuck D's "Hell No We Ain't Alright" ran at CounterPunch and was noted on Democracy Now! in "Three Displaced New Orleans Residents Discuss Race and Hurricane Katrina."]

[Last week, Chuck D

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