Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Mike's interview with Elaine (Mikey Likes It!)

Did you visit Mike's Mikey Likes It! tonight? If not, why not?

Mike has an interview with Elaine. Mike's hitting hard on how he wants Elaine to start her own site. Here's a sample:

So don't you want to do it again?

Mike, here's the thing, I can't blog every day. I have too much going on.

If you explained it that way, I bet people would understand. I know from the people who e-mail me that you really spoke to a lot of people. If it was just twice a week like Betty usually does, it would be worthwhile. I really wish you'd think about doing your own site.

Okay, Mike, you persuaded me. I'll do it.

For real?

What should I call it?

Mmm. Elaine's Page of Peace!

How about if I called it Like Maria said Paz?

That'd be cool. Cause Maria's always saying "Paz," right?


Are you really going to do it?

You want the truth?


I already have. I started it yesterday.

No way! For real?

Yes, for real. Maria, C.I., Ava and Jess know. I didn't hear about it. We were keeping a lid on it so that you could have the scoop tonight.

You're not sh**ting me, are you?

No. C.I. linked to it on the permalinks last night at The Common Ills.

Hold up. I want to pull this up.


You did start your own site! It's really cool looking.

I wasn't impressed with templates, to be honest. I wanted something a little more Laura Ashley. I ended up going with that one because it reminded me of a Calvin Klein dress I have, it has sharp, crips lines and a simplicity to it.

It looks really nice and it is called Like Maria Said Paz. I can't wait to read it. There are two entries.

Right. I started it yesterday. Don't expect much. Don't expect it to be daily either.

That is so cool. So did the e-mails help?

They did. Everyone wrote nice e-mails, full of encouragement. Give yourself credit too, Mike, because you are the one who would not lay off on this.

Thank you. Thank you for doing the site, Like Maria Said Peace, and thank you for letting me have the scoop.

You had been spearheading this and pushing it so when I made up my mind, it seemed that you should get the scoop.

Well thank you to everyone who e-mailed Elaine. I feel like I should say something like weighty and maybe I will tomorrow if it comes to me.

You're shocked right now.

Should I have put a heading "MUST CREDIT MIKEY LIKES IT!" at the top of that?

Seriously, Elaine's got her own site: Like Maria Said Paz.

The e-mail address for this site is