Thursday, September 22, 2005

Anti-war demonstrations in Seattle, Saturday, September 24th

Mindy e-mails to note blak's "SAT Sept 24: Seattle Anti-War Demonstration" from Seattle Indymedia:

- - - anti war
- - anti imperialism
- - - - - - a place for all pleace join us
- - - - - - lets try again; to shut this War machine down
- - - SAT SEPT 24, noon,
at Westlake Plaza,
near 4th and Pine,
downtown Seattle;
The ANSWER Coalition (Act Now to Stop War and End Racism) has initiated a Seattle ANTI-WAR DEMONSTRATION in coordination with the national demonstration in Washington DC and joint actions in Los Angeles and San Francisco.
Anti-war activists will express their outrage and opposition to the war in Iraq as well as oppose colonial occupation and US threats against other countries.

Local endorsers include: Arab American Community Coalition, El Centro de La Raza, BAYAN-USA (Seattle,) Digging Deeper Media Collective (Bainbridge Island), Filipino Workers Action Center, Independent Community Activist Network, Native Forest Council, US Committee for Labor and Human Rights in the Philippines, US Women and Cuba Collaboration, Seattle Cuba Friendship Committee and Women in Black (Seattle).
info or 206-568-1661 for carpooling or busing from Bellingham, call Whatcom Peace & Justice Center 360-734-0217
Anti-Imperialist Feeder March Posted by: Edward at Sep 15, 2005 19:59
There will also be an anti-imperialist feeder march from Seattle Central Community College (SCCC) down to Westlake, to link up with the reformist A.N.S.W.E.R. rally. Imperialism is a political and economic system which gives rise to one barbaric war after another. Imperialism can only be defeated through the independent political action of the working class and its allies. Stand with the people of the world and show your support for real anti-imperialist politics--independent of the ruling class and opportunist misleaders
--on September 24, 10:30AM,
at SCCC.
Everyone who appreciates the need for independent action is strongly encouraged to attend. The people united will never be defeated. Down with U.S. imperialism! For more information visit:

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