Friday, September 23, 2005

NYT Inhouse Poet Somini Sengupta

With thousands
of protestors
on the streets
of Katmandu
in Nepal's version of a Prague spring,
the government
of King Gyanendra
this week
to hold elections
and described its commitment
to democracy

The above is the latest from the New York Times inhouse poet Somini Sengupta and community member P.J. arrived to see who had made it and to point out that Sengupta had more "poetry." (P.J. stands for Professional Journalist and, as we usually disclose at his request, he works for the Washington Post.) (You really have to hear him read the cutting aloud to properly enjoy it.) The "poem" in question is entitled "Amid Protests, Nepal's Leader Pledges Elections, Starting in '06." We've noted Sengupta's "poetry" many times prior (at P.J.'s request) so you can search the site for that. (I'm in a race with the laptop battery or I'd provide links.)

As Hurricane Rita moves in, Amy Goodman points out on today's Democracy Now! that KPFT in Houston will continue broadcasting "while others are packing up, they are staying." (Consider that a paraphrase.)

KPFT is a Pacifica staion. You can listen to it online. They have an emergency generator and plan to continue to broadcasting if the power goes out (for as long as the generator will provide power).

And speaking of Amy Goodman, she and Laura Flanders are teaming up for a special broadcast:

Watch out, tune in! Laura will be co-hosting with Amy Goodman, Free Speech TV's live broadcast from the DC march and concert. Saturday, 3-6 pm ET, Dish Network 9415.

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