Wednesday, October 12, 2005


I will be up in a little over an hour. This post is just to note that per the last poll for the gina & krista round-robin, some changes have been made to the permalinks.

There will be an entry on that tomorrow. I was already due to be on the phone with Jim, Dona, Ty, Jess and Ava of The Third Estate Sunday Review but instead pulled in the whole community that runs sites. The feelings of the community were reflected in the poll and were responded to; however, I wanted to be sure there were no outstanding issues that I wasn't aware of.

(I'll go into that more tomorrow night.)

You'll note that community sites are all at the top now. They are still listed in their regular places as well because I'm too tired to change it at this late hour.

If someone feels delinked by mistake, they can contact The briefest statement I can make on the changes tonight (for those not receiving the round-robin) is that this community has been very lucky and broken all the rules. I didn't have to learn the rules and we didn't need to promotion, we shared and built up that way. Because of that, it's very easy for me to not realize how difficult it can be for other sites. Those who were delinked (and there may be some I missed) were delinked for a reason: they do not support the community. I could care less whether this community is linked to or not. We grew without links. But others in the community aren't so fortunate. When that was brought home to me, I asked Gina and Krista to do a poll on it. The results indicated what many e-mails had already shared.

Note to a friend: Don't have your assistant call me about your delinking. I don't like your assistant and you know that. (You also know my call log is three times what your's is and I don't play power games by having my assistant call you.) You're delinked for a reason that's apparent to you. I put you on notice two weeks before I asked Gina and Krista to do the poll. You made no effort to promote any of the other sites from this community. I told you two weeks ago that while you were under no obligation to promote The Common Ills your continued ignoring of other sites in this community was noted by members and if it continued there would be action taken. It has been taken. You have had no problem promoting other sites. Sites that didn't need your help but that you promoted thinking it would win you favors or attention. That was your game plan. Well your plan backfires in terms of this community because your failure to note any of the other sites means you are delinked. You had offered at one point to promote this site and spoken of the fact that it might be a conflict since we are friends. I hadn't been bothered by that because we never needed your promotion. (Or anyone else's.) I told you that if bothered you, don't do it. But your "logic" on that is faulty because while you played moral dilemma over whether or not to promote The Common Ills you were perfectly okay with requesting that this or that be noted here. The community doesn't exist to further your agenda. If that's the end of the friendship (or "friendship") so be it. I've been house cleaning in that department as well. You were given a heads up that gave you ample time to throw a token to Mike, Elaine, Betty, Rebecca, Third Estate Sunday Review, Cedric, Kat or Seth. You elected not to. Your decision. My decision is that you are delinked.

While I consulted on delinkings with members who run sites, with regards to your site, I made that decision myself and I stand by it. If you have something to say, you can call yourself, directly; however, if your assistant calls for you, I will hang up.