Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Harrie wants to be on the Supreme Court! Real bad like!!!!

"You are the best governor ever - deserving of great respect," Harriet E. Miers wrote to George W. Bush days after his 51st birthday in July 1997. She also found him "cool," said he and his wife, Laura, were "the greatest!" and told him: "Keep up the great work. Texas is blessed."

The above is from Ralph Blumenthal and Simon Romero's "Documents Show Miers's Close Ties to Bush" in this morning's New York Times. (Blumenthal and Romero? Did Dean and Jerry split already?)

Other choice quotes from Harrie to Bully Boy include:

"Texas has a very popular governor and first lady!"

"for taking the time to visit in the office and on the plane back - cool!"

"Hopefully Jenna and Barbara recognize that their parents are 'cool' - as do the rest of us."

This is a Justice?

One looks forward to her majority opinions.

The Constitution "neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens." (Harlan dissent, Plessy v. Ferguson, 1896) Rock on!

Think of how she'll liven up the Court announcements:

Certiorari denied! Blessed are! Cool!

This was not an adolescent scribbling "So true!" in the margins of Wuthering Heights. This was a woman over fifty writing to her nominal boss.

Now maybe she's just a suck up, which would be no real surprise, however, this is how she conducted herself professionally. Does Greg Abbott (Texas Attorney General) write notes to Rick Perry that say, "You're buff!!!"?

This is a Supreme?

She may be qualified to repeat "Baby, baby" in the background and maybe Diana Ross is looking for a backup singer but this isn't a Supreme Court Justice.

I think Isaiah called it best in "Celibacy in the City" with Harrie's voice over in the final panel:

"I was living the dream. It's amazing how far a bad hair cut, devotion to the Bully Boy and no qualifications can take you in this city!"

Lloyd e-mails to note Ruth Conniff's "False Alarms" (Ruth Conniff's Online Column, The Progressive):

Everyone knows the Bush Administration is in trouble. Bush's first big chance to change the subject from his disastrous response to the disaster on the Gulf Coast--naming a new Supreme Court Justice--ended up making things worse for him. The mild-mannered White House counsel turns out to be more controversial than Robert Bork, not because she's a radical ideologue, but because she's not ideological enough for the Republican base, not experienced enough for people who actually care about putting competent justices on the court, and, worst of all, part of the pattern of crony appointments that got Bush in hot water in New Orleans.
So then the President gave his "major speech" on--what else?-- terrorism. Why not? "You're all going to die" worked well enough in the last election. But maybe not forever. There may be such a thing as terror fatigue. People become resentful when they're repeatedly subjected to scare tactics. Remember the boy who cried wolf? I think his name was George.

Rod e-mails to remind everyone that Amy Goodman's back as host of Democracy Now! and recommends that if you missed "Sonia Bock 1897-2005: Amy Goodman Remembers Her Grandmother, a Woman of Three Centuries" yesterday, that you check it out.

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