Saturday, February 11, 2006

CounterSpin ("The News Behind the Headlines"

FAIR is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The watchdog group produces the magazine Extra! and the radio program CounterSpin.

As most members know already, click on the image and it enlarges. In addition Dallas hunted down the link for this information at FAIR's website. Ruth's noting Extra! in her report that will go up as soon as this republishes (without an error message). (That's the magazine put out by FAIR, not the infotainment program.)

Why put it up? The list. Well it's not paid advertising (for anyone concerned). But FAIR's celebrating 20 years and that deserves noting. It also may increase, our purpose, awareness for CounterSpin and lead some who can't (or aren't interested in) listening to programs online to discover that there is a station in their area broadcasting CounterSpin. (With "over 130 stations," hopefully many members who are unable to listen online will be able to find a station.)

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