Saturday, February 11, 2006

RadioNation with Laura Flanders: Penny Venetis, Rodney Crowell (Sat); Bob Fertik, Lakshmi Chaudry & Bog Fertik and indy booksellers (Sun)

Kat here, on Saturday, what does that mean? All together now :"RadioNation with Laura Flanders!"

RadioNation with Laura Flanders
Saturdays & Sundays, 7-10pm ET on Air America Radio
We're fighting the G forces. Like every good Luge racer, we're hurtling through a bumpy world, with scandals coming fast and furious enough to sweep us off the earth. But it's important that we get our feet back on the ground. We'll bring you up to date about how states are changing voting with, among others, PENNY VENETIS who brought the first-in-the-nation suit to challenge the constitutionality of paperless voting machines.
And we'll talk to Grammy nominee
RODNEY CROWELL about the mysterious art of music marketing and emotional intelligence.
As always, you can podcast a one-hour version of last weekend's shows here:
It's all on RadioNation with Laura Flanders this weekend on Air America Radio.

That's today. Tomorrow? Laura brings on the independent bookstore owners for Valentine's Day suggestions. Laura may be the only national radio program that makes a point to note independent bookstores. (Nobody bug with me an e-mail that Terry Gross once did the same 80 years ago on NPR's Dead Air. If Terry Eww! Gross doesn't do it monthly, don't bug me, don't bore me.) I wasn't sure about noting the following but C.I. passed on a member's e-mail so other guests include:

Can blogs revolutionize progressive politics? Not if they remain a younger Old Boys Club. Reporter/bloggers LAKSHMI CHAUDRY and BOB FERTIK debate the blogosphere. And JEFF CHESTER says watchout - there's an internet threat we all need to worry about -- privatization.

C.I.'s stated repeatedly that Chaudry is responsible for Chaudry and not the actions of others (members know the two asses I mean). In Dallas recommends Chaudry "Whining about diversity?" and I contacted Gina, members will remember the gina & krista round-robin from Friday before last and drive by-ers can just wonder, who read it and recommends it as well.

Which, for members, means don't miss Sunday either. Another e-mail C.I. passed on was from Lewis who wondered if "anyone" listened to Laura last weekend? He notes that The Third Estate Sunday Review didn't note the show. Those of us in DC for the World Can't Wait protest didn't listen. It was Wally's first time in DC, it was spur of the moment for all of us, and the two groups (Wally, C.I. and myself being one group; Ava, Ty, Jess, Jim and Dona being the second group) hadn't both planned to be there. When Laura was on, we were partying and seeing the town. C.I. felt the last time we were all in DC together (September), some (like Mike) who were visiting DC for the first time may have gotten less of the experience due to our intense focus and wanted to be sure that Wally got a chance to really see the city. Did we listen Sunday? Those of us who stayed in DC caught at least some of it. Wally and I went out after the first hour, C.I. stayed behind working on the "And the War Goes On" entry for Sunday (so C.I. heard the entire show). (To pick up on a point C.I. made Thursday, since Sunday's entry, there have been 15 more American military fatalities in Iraq though the mainstream press hasn't seen the need to note that. And KPFA listeners heard a great discussion on Iraq, politics -- loved the lumping of Dick Morris and James Carville together, couldn't agree more -- this morning on the Saturday Morning Talkies. If you missed it, click here for the archived broadcast.)

Ideally, The Third Estate Sunday Review would like to note Laura each week. Due to the fact that so many of us (those in DC) missed the show Saturday, that wasn't possible. Hope that answers Lewis' question.

So make a point to listen to RadioNation with Laura Flanders either over the traditional airwaves, via XM satellite radio, podcasting or via the online stream. And make a point to check out Trina tonight at Trina's Kitchen. (I did try the recipe for fudge and loved it, Trina!) She says tonight's recipe will be for "non cooks." (And thanks to Rebecca for proposing that we do a joint entry Sunday. I was so irritated by Blogger/Blogspot that I wouldn't have posted anything if she hadn't proposed that.) (And I am working on a new CD review to answer a question in five e-mails this week.)

I'll be noting Laura at my site but I'm not just copying and pasting this entry there.