Sunday, June 18, 2006


We're having posting problems at The Third Estate Sunday Review. So I'm running behind (a given on a Sunday.) Ruth's working on her report and it will go up this morning. (She's saved Law and Disorder for last and she's playing with her form a little as she explores what she'll be noting in the future and how she wants to note it.) Ruth will post. There are several e-mails about my not reading (at Ruth's request) her report last weekend until Friday. I did read it Friday, I saw no problem with it. If I had, it would be my problem because that's Ruth's space and she can say what she likes there. Between when those two things go up and now? I'm posting Isaiah early so something will be up. When the other two items are up, I will change the time on Isaiah's post so it's the top entry for Sunday (until the "And the war drags on" post tonight.)