Friday, June 23, 2006

NYT: Michael Gordon cups war pornography, Zernike plays dumb (it is playing, right?)

Bonus post because Eli wanted an article noted and Erika felt we needed to note taxi driver Kate Zernike again. (This is a dictated entry by the way.)

First up, Michael R. Gordon, war pornographer. A8 has his "Iran Aiding Shiite Attacks Inside Iraq, General Says." No, it's not Tommy Franks that Gordon hides behind, it's George W. Casey, Jr. Wally's 'THIS JUST IN! PSYCHIC CASEY SAYS "HONEY, THEY SHRUNK THE ARMY!"' juxtaposed Casey's laughable remarks yesterday against his public remarks in January (Wally's references the Democracy Now! coverage from January). Casey's made himself laughable (saying in January that the troops were stretched and now making noises that troops may start coming home in some numbers). It's nonsense. Anyone following the recruiting numbers knows that. But the Senate postured and it's part of the marketing plan for Republicans in the upcoming elections. (Which is why Rummy was making sure the points were 'on message' prior to the conference.) As for Iran, they're physically closer to Iraq than is the United States. Gordon doesn't have anything to do with his time but cup the crotches of general and ask, "How does that feel?"

Dispensing with the war pornographer. Erika wanted Kate Zernike's "Senate Rejects Calls to Begin Iraq Pullback." (Front page.) Zernike may be on duty but no matter what the anyone says, her cab's not "OCCUPIED." Which explains why she turns out more of the shameful "reporting" that's been her hallmark all week long. Erika feels that Zernike's accepted the "Republican talking points" and wanted that noted. I'll note that she needs to GET HER FACTS RIGHT. It's hard being a water carrier for your bosses who want the war to go on and on, but there's no excuse for not knowing the vote makeup in the Senate when that's what you're reporting on.

How is she wrong? She talks of Democrats, she talks of Republicans. The Senate has one designated Independent, Jim Jeffords. How did he vote? Zernike can't tell you because she appears unaware that he exists. When you're writing of the 60 to 39 vote and noting Republicans and Democrats, it takes but a second to note how Jeffords voted. (Jeffords voted in favor of the Levin nonbinding proposal.) On the 86 to 13 vote for the Kerry-Feingold proposal (troops out by July 2007), Zernike notes it and writes it had "no Republican supporters." Again, Jeffords (Independent) voted in favor of it. There's one Independent in the Senate (not the "Straight Talker") and it should have been noted. Is she slanting by not noting it? Make up your own mind. But she's not reporting what happened. When she's offering statements like "No Republicans crossed lines to vote with the Kerry-Feingold proosal," it's incumbent upon her to note Jeffords. However he votes, it's incumbent on her to voting when that's what she's reporting (even when it doesn't fit in with her pre-planned/assigned narrative). Bring it back into the garage, Zernike, you've pleased your bosses enough to take a little break.

Remember to listen, watch or read (transcripts) Democracy Now! today:

* Nadia McCaffrey on how the Pentagon lied to her about how her son, Army Spc. Patrick R. McCaffrey Sr., died in Iraq.
* Julia Wright on the case of Mumia Abu Jamal
* Nativo Lopez on the immigrants rights movement

Also remember that Giuliana Sgrena will be in New York City Friday June 23rd for an event with Amy Goodman at Columbia University. (Event starts at 7:30 p.m.) That's tonight.

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