Saturday, June 24, 2006

RadioNation with Laura Flanders: Eve Ensler, Dahr Jamail, William Grieder, Sharon Smith and more

Kat here, giving you the rundown for this weekend's RadioNation with Laura Flanders.

This weekend we should have two amazing broadcasts to listen. (You can listen online, over the airwaves if there is an Air American Radio station in your area or on XM satellite radio.) The broadcasts start at 7:00 pm EST and end at 10:00 pm EST Saturday and Sunday. The conversations you'll have about the broadcasts will go on for days. So make a point to listen.

Here's Saturday's lineup:

The Rainbow-Push Coalition General Counsel Janice Mathis. She'll be addressing the elections and I'm sure share a few thoughts on Congress' refusal to renew the Voting Rights Act this year. (They can renew it in 2007 but if they were on board, they would have made a point to renew it now.)

The one and only Eve Ensler who encourages us all to use our own voices by example. Violence against women is a global problem -- something Nicholas Kristof hasn't grasped because he's been too busy buying sex-workers and giving shout outs to fundamentalist groups while slamming feminists. For reality, check out this.

William Greider, columnist for The Nation, and author of many books. (My favorite? Who Will Tell The People?) As C.I. has noted before, during Reaganomics, Greider was one of the strongest, most clear headed voices and he's remained so to this day. (Back then, he wrote for Rolling Stone.)

And Grammy winner Lila Downs discussing her new CD La Cantina (Entre Copa y Copa). I called Maria for help with the title. The Tavern (Between Cup and Cup).


The one and only Dahr Jamail. You've got to listen. (Awarded "Embedded in our hearts" in the 2004 year-in-review and only more so today. Listen!)

Need more reasons? Holly Sklar who always has something worth hearing on the economy and, guess what, talk of the economy includes much more than stock tips. Holly keeps it real.

And a name we've grown familiar with at this site, Sharon Smith -- a woman who's not afraid to ask the questions about the illegal war that need to be asked. Subterranean Fire: A History of Working Class Radicalism in the United States is her latest book. I'm adding it to my reading list and you will add it to yours if you remember some of her strong writing that's appeared in/at CounterPunch.

I was fine last weekend, but my power's flickering. (Laura's producer Steve Rosenfeld lost power last weekend.) So I'm doing brief tags and posting. Remember to listen to RadioNation with Laura Flanders.