Wednesday, June 06, 2007

MSM shows little to no interest in Iraq

Also in Baghdad, the Iraqi Parliament voted to require the government of Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki to bring the matter of how long American troops can stay in Iraq before lawmakers in order for any additional extensions to occur.

The above is from Richard Z. Oppel Jr. and Khalid al-Ansary's "Suicide Attack Near Falluja Kills 18 in Commercial Area" in this morning's New York Times and about the only thing worth noting in the article or in the paper. And Lloyd notes this from John Ward Anderson's article in this morning's Washington Post:

In Baqubah, capital of Diyala province north of Baghdad, gunmen dressed in Iraqi security uniforms set up an unauthorized checkpoint and kidnapped 18 people, according to provincial police Lt. Mohammad Hakman. He said the gunmen were believed to be from the Islamic State of Iraq, a radical Sunni umbrella group with ties to al-Qaeda in Iraq.

Otherwise? If you can find something worth reading, have at it. In terms of Scooter Libby being sentenced to 30 months and Bully Boy's expressing his sadness -- hopefully some paper will get around to noting that no such sadness was expressed for Valerie Plame and her family by the Bully Boy and he's had nearly four years to do so.

Reuters reports 7 dead and at least 25 injured from two car bombings in Baghdad today and the shooting death of someone who was "[a] local representative of Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani in Najaf." Hamd Ahmed (AP) identifies the representative as Sheik Raheem al-Hasnawi and reports he was shot dead Tuesday.

Of the papers I've read so far this morning, there's nothing in them to indicate that the US is still engaged in an illegal war. Most offer one article. Apparently, the illegal war is winding down or has been called off?

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