Sunday, June 03, 2007

NYT: Cave on bridge bombing, PvZ on Pendleton

Okay, the New York Times this morning. Damien Cave's "Bridge Bombing Increases Tensions in Northern Iraq" tries something interesting, changing a date. In Friday's snapshot, we noted the US military's announcement that they had killed 3 children. Yesterday, we noted here that AP and the Los Angeles Times could both cover that in their Saturday reports. The Times didn't. This morning, Cave tells us that the statement was released Saturday.

No, it wasn't.

When the "And the war drags on" entries are done, I'll often make a point to say "Monday, it's Monday already in Iraq" when we're noting a Monday release although it is still Sunday in the US. Multi-National Forces doesn't use the US time zone on their reports. Use the link, you'll see the date "Friday, 01 June 2007." Now it could be a simple mistake but considering that the paper sat out this story yesterday when people were covering it (in print -- they had enough time on Friday to get their stories ready to be printed in Saturday papers) amd considering that Cave twice says this event happened Saturday, it doesn't seem like a simple mistake. Is MNF wrong? Friday did I do the snapshot after the day had rolled over in Baghdad? No. No.

Otherwise, Cave notes that another bridge (2nd for last week) was blown up -- one leading from Baghdad to Kirkuk -- "forcing traffic to detour through some of the most dangerous areas of Diyala Province." Cave notes that another helicopter came under fire (this one had a 'hard landing') and notes that the deaths of the three children is now under investigation.

Investigation is a good transition to Paul von Zielbauer's "At Trial, Colonel's Role in Haditha Questioned" which notes that Adam P. Mathes ("First Lt.") testified in the Camp Pendleton Article 32 hearing that Lt. Col. Jeffrey R. Chessani refused to admit the Haditha slaughter after a Time magazine reporter asked about it because, according to Mathes, "an investigation, it will be an admission of guilt." In addition, Chessani was called out by the judge (while the judge spoke with a witness) for choosing to 'supervise' his troops from the safety of the military base, relying on the feeds from drones, as opposed to joining those serving him under him in Haditha.

Ann Coulter's best friend has an "analysis." It's the usual crap (no withdrawal! withdrawal is surrender!) and you can see that in the language and the way the argument's contstructed. That's it for the paper.

On the bridge bombing, we'll note this from Ned Parker's Los Angeles Times article:

Militants blew up a key bridge Saturday on a highway connecting Iraq's oil-rich north to Baghdad, in what locals warned was part of a campaign to stoke ethnic unrest in the volatile melting pot.
The attack about 110 miles north of Baghdad was viewed as a strike against Iraq's trade routes, which see large convoys traveling north to south. The explosion closed the bridge to big vehicles and triggered warnings from residents that the group Al Qaeda in Iraq has designs on the strategic region around Kirkuk, where ethnic Turkmen live alongside Kurds and Arabs.
"Armed groups are trying to spread sectarianism ... and enmity inside Kirkuk," a city police official said on condition of anonymity.
Such groups attack the Kurdish community one day; the next day, they attack the Arabs, and the next they target Turkmen, in an attempt to sow the seeds of sedition in Kirkuk's society." A devastating attack in the Kirkuk region could broaden Iraq's civil war the same way last year's bombing of the Shiite Golden Mosque in Samarra did.

If the link doesn't work, it's destroyed the post twice already. (And it was the LA Times yesterday that caused everything to run together as well.)

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