Tuesday, June 24, 2008

4 US service members announced dead in 2 days

Today the US military announced: "Two Coalition forces soldiers and two civilians serving with Coalition forces were killed after an explosion inside the District Advisory Council building in a southern neighborhood of Sadr City district at approximately 9:30 a.m. today. One Coalition forces soldier and three DAC members were also wounded in the attack." Late yesterday the US military announced: "Two Multi-National Division – Center Soldiers were killed as a result of a small arms fire attack near Salman Pak, Iraq June 23. The attack occurred shortly before 1 pm as the Coalition forces were leaving the Salman Pak Nahia Council meeting facility. Three other MND-C Soldiers and an interpreter were wounded in the attack. Coalition forces engaged and killed the gunman." Yesterday's shooting was noted in Monday's snapshot. Different stories emerge in today's report on Monday's shooting. Alexandra Zavis' "Two U.S. soldiers killed in ambush near Baghdad" (Los Angeles Times) covers it the best:

The Interior Ministry in Baghdad identified the gunman as a local official and said he emerged from the building with the Americans, pulled a Kalashnikov assault rifle from the trunk of his car and sprayed them with bullets. The man's colleagues sought cover as the Americans returned fire and killed him, according to the ministry, which oversees the police.
But witnesses said the assailant was a former council member who joined the Sunni Muslim insurgency after he was ousted from his job in sectarian fighting in 2006.

Richard A. Oppel Jr. covers it for the New York Times here. James Glanz files "Government Study Criticizes Bush Administration’s Measures of Progress in Iraq:"

Beyond the declines in overall violence in Iraq, several crucial measures the Bush administration uses to demonstrate economic, political and security progress are either incorrect or far more mixed than the administration has acknowledged, according to a report released Monday by the Government Accountability Office.
Over all, the report says, the American plan for a stable Iraq lacks a strategic framework that meshes with the administration’s goals, is falling out of touch with the realities on the ground and contains serious flaws in its operational guidelines.

Hannah Allam's "Blast kills 4 Americans, 6 Iraqis in Sadr City building" (McClatchy Newspapers) notes today's deaths.

In the United States, Ralph Nader is running for president. Susan picked this Nader video for today's highlight:

More videos from the Nader-Gonzalez campaign can be found here.

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