Monday, June 23, 2008

The Baquba bombing

As noted last night, a Baquba bomber killed herself and 15 others including at least eight police officers. Richard A. Oppel Jr. (New York Times) quotes eye witness Adnan Majid explaining, "The explosion was huge, like it was a car bomb." The Los Angeles Times' "Suicide bomber kills 15 at police checkpoint in Iraq" notes:

The woman, about 35, parked her car near the provincial council building about 1 p.m. and was led by two policemen to a checkpoint, where she detonated the explosives, said Muhi Deen Auda, the owner of a nearby restaurant.

And from Ernesto Londono's "At Least 15 Killed by Female Bomber in Iraq" (Washington Post):

Jassim Mohammed al-Saedi, a wounded policeman, said officers were transporting prisoners to court when he heard the blast.
In a telephone interview from Baqubah General Hospital, Saedi said the attacker stepped out of a car, walked toward a group of police officers and detonated explosives strapped to her waist.

Oppel's "Another Female Suicide Bomber Strikes Iraqi Province, Killing 15 Near Courthouse" adds this perspective: "The bombing was the most devastating of four attacks by guerrillas in Diyala Province on Sunday that left at least 25 people dead and close to 60 wounded."

In US politics, Ralph Nader is running for president. Below is a video of him addressing the topic of impeachment

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