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Robin Long told he will be deported

Robin Long attended a Vancouver hearing with the Canadian Border Services Agency by phone from Nelson on Tuesday, when he was told officials had decided in May Long wouldn't be at risk to torture or punishment if he was returned to the U.S., said Bob Ages, chair of the Vancouver chapter of the War Resisters Support Campaign.
Just five days ago, the Federal Court ordered the refugee board to re-examine war resister Joshua Key's claim for asylum in Canada. Long, 25, was arrested in Nelson on Friday on a nationwide warrant for violating conditions of his previous release in October 2007. Nelson police had picked him up for allegedly smoking marijuana in a park when they discovered he had an outstanding Canada-wide immigration warrant against him.

The above is from Allison Cross' "American war resister in Nelson gets surprising deportation order" (Vancouver Sun). Staying on this topic, Rod Mickleburgh's "News of imminent deportation shocks U.S. army deserter" (Globe & Mail) notes, "There had been no warning to Mr. Long that he was in danger of being sent back to the United States so quickly, and it came as a particular shock to his lawyer, Shepherd Moss, in light of last week's court decision upholding deserter Joshua Key's appeal of his failed refugee application."

Travis Lupick's "U.S. war resister living in B.C. given surprise deportation order" (Georgia Straight):

Today (July 8), American war resister Robin Long was told by the Canadian Border Services Agency that he would be deported to the U.S. by as early as Monday (July 14), according to the Council of Canadians.
This comes less than a week after a different U.S. war resister, Jonathan Key, won a landmark victory in the Federal Court of Appeal overturning the rejection of his refugee claim.

The Canadian Press quotes Bob Ages (War Resisters Support Campaign) stating, "This is quite a bombshell in what we thought was a pretty routine administration hearing." The War Resisters Support Campaign issues the following press release:

On July 4, former US soldier Robin Long was arrested by police in Nelson, BC, where he is legally residing, on a warrant issued by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). A hearing is scheduled in Vancouver tomorrow (Tuesday, July 8).
The CBSA is claiming that Long did not report as required to its Kelowna office by phone last Thursday and that he was staying with various friends in Nelson without reporting a change of address. Long has denied the allegations and the CBSA does not dispute that he reported in on schedule on July 3.
Long has lived openly in Nelson after coming to Canada rather than deploy to Iraq with his armored unit. He is well known by Nelson residents, and by the RCMP, who had no trouble locating him on Friday.
On June 3 this year the House of Commons passed a resolution supporting US war resisters remaining in Canada and called on the government to cease any removal orders against them. Citizenship and Immigration Minister Diane Finley has so far refused to implement the will of Parliament.
Meanwhile, on July 4 an appeal court sent the case of Joshua Key, another ex-US serviceman, back to the Immigration and Refugee Board. The court instructed the board, which had originally denied Keyes' refugee claim, to re-examine his application based on its failure to consider the brutality and illegality of activities in which American soldiers in Iraq are forced to
Polls show that a majority of Canadians support the war resisters being granted permanent residence.
"The actions of the CBSA amounts to harassment," says Lee Zaslofsky, spokesperson for the War Resisters Support Campaign. "This young man has complied with his requirements and his whereabouts were well-known. The Harper government is ignoring the will of the House of Commons and the Canadian people. It is doing the bidding of the Bush administration in seeking to remove these soldiers of conscience to face persecution in the US."
Bob Ages, of the Vancouver War Resisters Support Campaign said, "Our
legal counsel will be asking that Robin Long be immediately released and
members of Parliament will be taking up this matter with the government and
the Canadian public."
For further information: Lee Zaslofsky, (416) 598-1222; Bob Ages, (604)

This video from The Real News Network also includes a summary here for those who do not benefit from streaming.

Remember Courage to Resist has demonstrations going on today:

July 9th actions at Canadian Consulates in 14 U.S. cities PDF Print E-mail


Breaking news:
Robin Long jailed in Nelson BC, facing imminent deportation (Globe and Mail)

July 9th posters (hi res JPGs).
Select to view/download:

Stop the deportation of Robin Long, Corey Glass and all war resisters!

Join a vigil and delegation to a Canadian consulate near you on Wednesday. U.S. war resisters Robin Long and Corey Glass both face possible deportation in the next few days. We will demand, "Dear Canada: Abide by the June 3rd resolution - Let U.S. war resisters stay!"

  • Washington DC - 1 pm to 2 pm - 501 Pennsylvania Ave NW (map). Delegation led by Veterans for Peace national President Elliott Adams.
  • San Francisco CA - Noon to 1pm - 580 California St (map). Sponsored by Courage to Resist. Info: 510-488-3559; courage(at)
  • Seattle WA - Noon to 1pm - 1501 4th Ave (map). Sponsored by Project Safe Haven. Info: 206-499-1220; projectsafehaven(at)
  • Dallas TX - 3pm - 750 North St Paul St (map). Sponsored by North Texas for Justice and Peace. Info: 214-718-6362; hftomlinson(at)
  • New York City NY - Noon to 1pm - 1251 Avenue of the Americas (map). Sponsored by War Resisters League. Info: 212-228-0450; wrl(at)
  • Philadelphia PA - 11:30am to 12:30pm - 1650 Market St (map). Sponsored by Payday Network. Info: 215-848-1120; payday(at)
  • Minneapolis MN - Noon to 1pm - 701 Fourth Ave S (map). Info: jrkilgour(at)
  • Los Angeles CA - Noon to 1pm - 550 South Hope St (map). Sponsored by Progressive Democrats LA. Info: pdlavote(at)
  • Boston MA - 2pm - Copley Square Park (map); Sponsored by Veterans for Peace (Boston Chapter); Contact info: nateg(at)
  • Phoenix AZ - Noon to 1pm - 2415 East Camelback Rd (map). Sponsored by Women in Black Phoenix and End the War Coalition (
  • Denver CO - Noon - 1625 Broadway (map). Sponsored by Veterans for Peace Denver. Info: 303-762-8408; spexx(at)
  • Miami FL - 200 South Biscayne Blvd (map). Sponsored by Veterans for Peace Miami. Info regarding delegation: VetsForPeace(at)
  • Chicago IL - Noon - 180 North Stetson Ave (map). Sponsored by Veterans for Peace Chicago. Info: bobgronko(at)
  • Raleigh NC - Noon to 1pm - 3737 Glenwood Ave (map). Sponsored by Veterans For Peace (Chapter 908 - Triangle Chapter). Info: 919-789-9056; myerswally (at)

War resister supporters in Munich, Germany will also gather the Canadian Consulate there on July 9th. Across Canada, the War Resisters Support Campaign has organized protests on Thursday, July 10th.

Veterans for Peace issued a joint call with Courage to Resist and Project Safe Haven for July 9th vigils at Canadian Consulates: "Dear Canada: Do Not Deport U.S. War Resisters!" Veterans for Peace has also published an open letter to Canadian officials in support of war resisters (PDF).

Recently on June 3rd the Canadian Parliament passed an historic motion to officially welcome war resisters! It now appears, however, that the Conservative government may disregard the motion.

Iraq combat veteran turned courageous war resister, 25-year-old Sgt. Corey Glass of the Indiana National Guard is still scheduled to be deported July 10th.


We will ask that the Canadian government respect the democratic decision of Parliament, the demonstrated opinion of the Canadian citizenry, the view of the United Nations, and millions of Americans by immediately implementing the motion and cease deportation proceedings against Corey Glass and other current and future war resisters.

Join Courage to Resist, Veterans for Peace, and Project Safe Haven at Canadian Consulates across the United States.

We mailed and delivered over 10,000 of the original letters to Canadian officials. Please sign the new letter, "Dear Canada: Abide by resolution - Let U.S. war resisters stay!"

In US political presidential news, independent presidential candidate events coming up? Ralph Nader's upcoming events:

Sat. July 12th 1-3pm
Nader for President 2008 Rally
Richmond, VA
Virginia Holocaust Museum
2000 E Cary St. Richmond, VA
Contact John: 804-432-1611
Suggested contribution: $10/$5 student
Map it
Sat. July 12th 7:30-10pm
Nader for President 2008 Rally
Raleigh, NC
St Mary's School (Pittman Auditorium)
900 Hillsborough St. Raleigh, North Carolina 27603
Contact: Thomas (919) 828-6236
Suggested contribution: $10/$5 student
Map it
Sun. July 13th 2-4pm
Nader for President 2008 Rally
Charlottesville, VA
Gravity Lounge
103 South First Street Charlottesville VA 22902
Contact: Michael: 520-906-8661
Suggested Contribution $10/$5 student
Map it

There are two events on Saturday and there is some confusion about the timing of them so Marcia and Ruth have noted the events as well. Nader is noted in Toula Foscolos' "Ensuring the balance of power" (Westmount Examiner):

It is a fundamental principle of democracy to allow many sides of a story to be heard. The absence of bias lies with taking a neutral position; by allowing more than just the prevailing opinion to be heard. Conversation, debate, the dissemination of differing and even opposing views is the best way for citizens to make informed decisions about critical issues of importance in their community.
The people in power are not the only ones with an educated opinion. Citizens are vital sources of intelligent, well-reasoned recommendations that should be tapped into. They may not have PR people working for them, but they have just as much right to be heard. A responsible community paper should allow them the opportunity to do just that.
U.S. veteran civic activist, Ralph Nader wrote: "Very real personal fulfillment can be found in citizen action - in clarifying our values as to what is just and what is unjust, throwing them into the marketplace of ideas, having them heard out and debated, perhaps having them accepted." Even when they're not accepted, they need to be heard.

Click here for AP story on Ahmed Nouri Raziak (see last entry).

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