Thursday, January 15, 2009

I Hate The War

Act like an rabid dog, you're begging to be put down. LOSER JOE CANNON doesn't know much and never shies from flaunting that reality. After his recent attack on a woman at The Confluence he's been spoiling for another fight and thinks he can start it with his bulls**t stupidity over Roland Burris. Our own Stan attempted to explain the differences to LOSER JOE. No point in doing so. The IDIOT ONLY GRASPS FULL VOLUME BLAST.

Which is why all Joe can offer is repeated f-yous to Stan. What a proud moment for the Ultimate Loser Joe.

Stan wrote:

You're conflating two things. Roland Burris' appointment and his seating. As an African-American male, I see the situation differently.

1) Barack was a person of color in the White Senate. His seat should have gone to a person of color.
2) Roland Burris and his associates did not play the race card to get the appointment. They pointed out that a Senator was being refused and they pointed out that it was racist.
It was racist and if the great Joe Cannon can't grasp that, oh well.
Find a White Senator who has ever had to jump through hoops. Who has ever been humiliated the way Roland Burris was. As late as last Friday, Dick Durbin was vowing that Burris would celebrate his next birthday before he was seated (that would be in August). Tell me that kind of hatred hurled at a qualified White person. Tell me when Caroline Kennedy's been pressured by Harry Reid. She hasn't. Harry's told the press he loves the unqualified Caroline Kennedy.
Harry Reid made it about race and he did so when he started tossing around War Hawk Tammy Duckworth and other Whites for Barack's seat, started telling the governor that he would appoint from Harry's list of Whites. It's real funny that after the race card is played by countless Whites, someone wants to whine about Bobby Rush. And Bobby Rush was right.

Joe accuses Stan falsely of stating Barack's seat "MUST go to a black, just because Obama happened to be black". Stan never said any such thing and wouldn't because he's not a racist. He grasps the difference between Black and bi-racial. It's not anything Joe Cannon can grasp because, if you have any Black person in your family, you must be Black. It's that rule from segregation and prior, that racist rule.

We did the slow walk away from Crazy Nuts Joe Cannon sometime ago. As a general rule, I'm not fond of the "The plane crash was a hit!" nonsense. It pops up every time there's a plane crash. (I'm not saying all plane crashes are accidental, I'm saying get some proof before you start venting your crazy.) Crazy Nuts Joe was foaming at the mouth (and this is the guy who screams at the 9-11 Truth Movement?) mere moments ago over a plane crash that was sinister! That was something! Did Joe check out the plane site? No. Did he speak to anyone who did? No. But he knows things. Like the little kid in Sixth Sense!

As Stan explained it so well regarding Burris, there were several issues. And he is correct. Roland Burris was the Senator. That's what Dianne Feinstein was getting at during all the Harry Reid drama ("Does the governor have the power, under law, to make the appointment? And the answer is yes. . . . . If you don't seat Mr. Burris, it has ramifications for gubernatorial appointments all over America. Mr. Burris is a senior, experienced politician. He has been attorney general, he has been controller, and he is very well-respected. I am hopeful that this will be settled.") As of December 30th, Roland Burris was not auditioning for a role, he was the senator. The Senate refused to seat him. It was offensive and it was racist. The history of Congress shows Adam Clayton Powell and who else put through that garbage? Hmmm? No, it's only when it's a Black male that they have to jump through hoops and, when they do, new hoops are added on.

And for the record, Joe Cannon, screaming and yelling f-you at a Black man and insisting he's a racist (Stan's full comments are posted above and there's nothing racist in Stan's staements) go a long way towards explaining why the bulk of people familiar with Joe Cannon's writings consider him to be a racist. Maybe he's the one who is "going to have to get used to the fact that a new day is dawning" and that people are not going to put up with his attempts to bully and silence Black people?

It's not going to work and he should be ashamed of himself for trying it. Shame on you, Joe Cannon. No link to him, no links to trash. He can apologize to Stan (publicly, since Big Boy thought he could bully Stan into silence) or he's dead to this community.

And knowing how bullies operate (where Joe will head for his next whine), Stan didn't come running to me. He's visiting community members Billie and Eddie and Billie is the one who alerted me. I then dictated a portion of the snapshot (the opening) on this topic but decided to have it sent to Stan first. He asked me to hold it for "I Hate The War." Which I have.

Stan made no mistakes expect for thinking a LOSER like Joe Cannon was up to a discussion. Bullies never respond to attempts at adult discussions which is why Joe Cannon repeatedly hurls the f-word, calls Stan a "racist" repeatedly and a "bigot." What's really cute is that the loser who Ty exchanged e-mails with recently leaves a comment to Joe. White Woman thought Hillary's seat had to go to a woman. White Woman made that point repeatedly. But White Woman thought it was "racism" that Barack's seat should go to a person of color. Joe Cannon appears to attract a great deal of White people who can only see their own White needs (and never their own racial hypocrisy). Harry Reid would feel at home there.

Harry Reid played the race card. His list was all White. With so few people of color in the Senate's history, there was no way that a person of color shouldn't have been considered. Except in Harry Reid's mind since his lengthy list was all White. As San Diego Union-Tribune's Ruben Navarrette Jr. observed:

Maybe we should broaden the criteria a bit. Let's say that, if you scheme to put your own interests above the interests of a particular racial group relying on racist assumptions about who is electable so the end result is that you exclude members of that racial group, then some might call you a racist. With that as the standard, Reid might have a shot at the title.

Joe Cannon links to the sewer that is Politico and to Roger Simon who attacked Hillary repeatedly (Joe appears to have longterm memory issues). That's the trash that 'inspired' Joe Cannon. (Garbage in, garbage out.) Roger Simon pretends to be interested in sexism (after deploying it against Hillary) and draws the false equivlancey between Caroline Kennedy and Roland Burris that Joe Cannon (idiot) accepts and tries to repeat.

Roland Burris was appointed December 30th. We didn't endorse Roland Burris for Senator at Third -- we said "Seat the Senator."

He was the senator. We weren't calling for him to be made that, we were calling for a Senator to be seated. It's a point that escapes Cannon and Simon. (Dianne Feinstein grasped it. So did the Supreme Court of Illinois.) By contrast, Caroline's not a senator. Caroline's not a lot of things.

Roger Simon scribbles, "Here is a woman who is a lawyer and an author . . ."

She's not a lawyer. She has a legal degree. She's never been a practicing attorney.

Author? Co-author of two books. She's never written a book by herself and writing intros for anthologies does not make you an author.

Patti Davis was rightly mocked in her early writing days (best by Paul Rudnick) for her claim of being an "author" when she was a co-author.

It's curious that Joe Cannon linked to this racist article. What race is Caroline? White. But Roger Simon only identifies Black people in his article. (Which telegraphs that White is the "norm" and the "standard.") Who is playing the race card? Good thing he notes Roland Burris is Black because otherwise he wouldn't note a thing about the Senator. Oh, but that's Roger Simon's point, right? That Roland Burris is unqualified?

Roland Burris is an attorney. A practicing attorney. Unlike Caroline Kennedy.

But while Roger Simon feels it is important to call never-practiced-law in her life Caroline Kennedy "a lawyer," Senator Burris is nothing but a race to Roger Simon. For the record, as someone who knows Caroline, let's clear up why she's a non-practicing attorney.

She can't write. She can't write. She wanted to be a journalist. It's amazing how all the fluff and gas baggery ignores that. Caroline Kennedy wanted to be a journalist. (As did John. Both were steered from the entertainment industry by their mother and both settled on journalism as their alternative.) That is why she interned at the New York Daily News. And that internship is never mentioned either. (Except in Gregg Mitchell's appallingly bad write up in December which was short on the facts but a lovely fairy tale.) She FAILED.

She was a HUGE failure as an intern. In a desperate attempt to create a journalism career for herself near the end, she crashed Elvis Presley's funeral, lied and stated she was there to convey her mother's respects. She LIED. (Gregg Mitchell discovered the 'story' last month, Elaine and I lived it and Elaine wrote about it at her site a long, long time ago.) She was there to try to make a buck and a name. She LIED. She studied Lisa Marie (a child) and everyone else to write that bad piece of trash.

And what happened?

The New York Daily News said it was unpublishable. Because the woman couldn't write. So she took the article to her 'escort' Jann Wenner (who was squiring her around NYC despite the fact that he was still married to Jane and would be for many, many years to come -- but we're never supposed to talk about all the married men Caroline 'depended' upon, are we?) who published it as a favor to his 'steady'. But before it could be published, Harriet Fier had to do a line-by-line edit of it to make it readable.

Caroline was a failure as a journalist and writer. It upset her tremendously. Failure and the name "Kennedy" are not supposed to go hand in hand. Realizing that her dreams had crashed, she floundered and it's cute how that gets left out of the public record as well. The woman graduated college in 1979.

She graduated law school in 1988.

In the little fairy tale Gregg Mitchell tries to spin, what does he think she was doing all that time?

Raising kids? No, she gets married in 1986.

She was floundering. And Sarah Palin is correct that Caroline got a breeze through from the press. Excuse me but Washington Week and the gas bags declared her the senator from New York in December. If Paterson appoints someone else, everyone needs to make a point to watch the bad gas baggery from Gwen and company.

Roger Simon LIES, "A better comparison for Palin to make would have been the patty-cake treatment Roland Burris has gotten from the press."

Patty-cake treatment?

No such thing took place except in the minds of White racists like Roger Simon. Roland Burris was ridiculed and made fun of repeatedly. "Ha-ha, look at the idiot!" was the tone of the coverage (check Lynn Sweet especially at the Chicago Sun-Times and don't miss the radio interviews she gave where she really went to town on Burris -- supplying the laugh track to her own 'jokes'). The national media largely followed the Chicago press' lead (check out Washington Week). What changed? Burris going to DC and Reid and others preventing him from being seated. The day that took place (the day Dianne Feinstein rightly called it out publicly), the nation was presented with a qualified and appointed senator being refused. The systemic history of racism in the Senate (both in terms of its make up and its many votes) versus the dignified manner in which Burris conducted himself.

Roger Simon and Joe Cannon are idiots. I was part of the lobbying effort for Burris. As noted before, I know Bobby Rush and have for many, many years. I do not know Burris, I do not know Governor Rod Blagojevich. But I was asked to lobby and I did. I personally spoke with members of Congress and I repeatedly spoke with the press. And it was that day in DC that turned it. It was the video of that moment where Roland Burris, a qualified Senator, was being refused his Senate seat. From that moment on, speaking to anyone in the press about what was going on was so much easier. I didn't have to go historical, I didn't have to talk about the make-up of Illinois, I didn't have to go through all of Burris' accomplishments. The day the Senate refused to seat Burris changed things. I know when the change kicked and I know why. Starting December 31st, I was working on the lobbying efforts. So I do know when the shift occurred and I do know why.

Roger Simon and Joe Cannon are convinced the race card was being played. And, naturally (in their minds) only on behalf of the Black person. Uh, no. It wasn't. You don't know 'the race card' if you think that. We were gearing up to deploy it, if the Senate refused to seat him this week, we were deploying the race card. (We is not Roland Burris who was not part of the lobbying efforts and -- as far as I know -- knew nothing of our efforts. Senator Burris went out of his way to avoid playing the race card.) Marcia noted that Monday night, how we were about to start hitting on the racism at play and what it specifically called to mind from America's past. We never got to that point. We stayed focused on the systemic and historical racism in the Senate and on Harry Reid's all White list. Where we'd be headed this week, if it had been needed, was comparing the new hurdles Dick Durbin and Harry Reid were trying to implement to the poll tax and the 'literacy' tax and other instruments used to prevent Black people from voting historically.

Roger Simon wants to know where Roland Burris stands on this issue or that issue? Excuse me? Roland Burris has given repeated interviews since being named. Check CBS for one. Just because Roger Simon is an idiotic hack doesn't mean everyone goes along with his stupidity. Senator Burris has a public record, a long record. He is not Caroline Kennedy who has never held elected office. He is a pioneer and a trail blazer. And for that he was mocked. For that he was derided. It was all so very 'post-racial' to make fun of the man who was proud (rightly) to be the first Black man in Illinois to hold statewide office. That was something to mock. That was something to make fun of. And Roger Simon wants to pretend that Burris got a free ride from the press?

Caroline Kennedy has no record. She has done nothing and done nothing repeatedly for her entire life. When she has tried to do something, she's failed.

She went full out in order to be a journalist and she failed. She's never gone full out for anything in the public sphere again.

"Caroline Kennedy got asked serious questions about serious issues" whines Roger Simon. Because she wants to be a US Senator and has never even been elected to anything not even a city council. Because New York is full of qualified of men and women -- of every race and ethnicity -- who could easily fill Hillary's seat and do a wonderful job.

Caroline's the gamble, Caroline's the unknown. And nothing in her history indicates that she'll work in the job. In fact, her recent 'dabbles' indicate that she'll put in a few hours a week. You have Carolyn Maloney and Andrew Cuomo, to name but two people, who are qualified for the seat and do have public records of service. I know Cuomo. I have not and am not endorsing anyone to fill Hillary's seat should she become Secretary of State. And that's the other thing Roger Simon wants to ignore.

Barack was voted president of the United States in November. There is no question that his seat must be filled. There is no question that Joe Biden's seat must be filled. Everyone else? For those who are or were senators, the tradition has been that the Senate votes to confirm their own. But that doesn't have to happen. And any appointee can withdraw their name at any time. Bill Richardson pulled his name not all that long ago. Until someone is confirmed by the Senate, none of Barack's cabinet is actually a cabinet member. Until Hillary's confirmed (by the full Senate), her seat's not even empty.

Caroline wants to glide into it. She hasn't earned the right to be a senator. She doesn't want to do the work required. She thinks she can cut in line ahead of qualified people and somehow -- to Roger Simon -- this is the equivalent of someone with a track record of public service, of holding elected office, of being an attorney, of being a trail blazer?

There is no comparison between the two and it takes a real idiot to claim that there is.

Roland Burris was not raised to be shielded by the press. Roland Burris did not continue demanding that shielding as an adult. Roland Burris did not try to turn Lisa Marie's tragedy into a cheap, tawdry gossip 'report' to make a name for himself. That's how trashy Caroline really is and she has never apologized for what she did. Now Elaine's written about that moment for some time. Until Caroline elected to cut in line, I was fine to just leave it alone. She could be the hypocrite and I didn't give a damn. She was just another spoiled socialite with bad hair. I never said a word. But she thinks she's going to be senator and she thinks she's going to do that without getting honest?

Maybe so but I'm not going to give her a free ride. She's not qualified and there's no one that knows her who would claim she is unless they are family or on the Kennedy payroll. And to be clear, I'm not appalled that she's attempting to buy the office. That's a given with her. I'm appalled that she's so lazy she thinks she can buy her way into an appointment. With her name and her money, she has refused to run for office. That's too much work for Princess Caroline. Anyone in the know should recall step-sister Tina's story about lazy and entitled Caroline right about now.

And there's another question: Why is she never asked of her step-siblings? Have we all pretended that Jackie K didn't become Jackie O? Are we also pretending she didn't sign that prenuptial? Caroline needs to be asked about those things. She needs to be asked why she has nothing to do with her step-niece. (Yes, Tina hated her, most who know Caroline hate her. That's no excuse when she is one of the few relatives Athina. has. "By marriage." By a marriage that gave Caroline the money she currently sits on. People don't honestly think John F. Kennedy was any richer than Eunice Shriver do they? The big money Caroline sits on is her mother's share of the Onassis fortune. She's happy to bank that money, she just can't be bothered with Athina -- who lost her mother, who never knew her grandfather or her uncle or . . . Go down the list. Caroline's happy to live off that money but doesn't have good manners -- or good breeding -- to have ever started a relationship with a young girl who could have used a sense of family.) (And, no, I haven't even scratched the surface on Caroline. But all the above is an indication of what the press has refused to cover.)

It's over, I'm done writing songs about love
There's a war going on
So I'm holding my gun with a strap and a glove
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I hate the war
Na na na na na na na
I hate the war
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I hate the war
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-- "I Hate The War" (written by Greg Goldberg, on The Ballet's Mattachine!)

Last Thursday, ICCC's number of US troops killed in Iraq since the start of the illegal war was 4223. Tonight? 4226*. Just Foreign Policy lists 1, 307,319 as the number of Iraqis killed since the start of the illegal war the same number they listed last week. [*Sorry, 4226 is the number. I've corrected it. Thanks to Joy for catching that and e-mailing.]

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