Saturday, January 17, 2009

Iraq and e-mails

It looks that our contractors didn't convince with the money they got from painting the pavements, the blast walls, the bridges and the tree trunks is not anymore useful to steal the money in an official way. The bright minds of our contractors created the newest way for wasting and stealing Iraq money. The newest way of financial corruption is

Is what? Read "The Newest Way of Corruption." It's a short piece at McClatchy's Inside Iraq written by an Iraqi correspondent explaining the obvious corruption going on in plain sight and the lack of reaction from those allegedly overseeing.

Dipping into the e-mails. Three drive-bys this morning whine that the Guardian of London is covering Iraq and it's not being noted! Miscovering Iraq and only a fool who hasn't been paying attention to the region could mistake the idiotic propaganda coming out of that New Labour Party organ for 'reporting.' The Guardian is onboard with Gordon Brown because they are a party organ. Brown wants more US troops in Afghanastan (he wants that desperately). That's what they are selling. They're also New Labour which makes them particularly fond of DLC-ers in the US. (Up through Feb. 2004, the Guardian reporting staff -- political -- was rooting for Joe Lieberman to get the Democratic Party nomination -- that gives you a sense of how 'liberal' they are.) I've seen the 'reports,' I've laughed at them. We're not interested in New Labour propaganda. (And it's actually the Guardian of Manchester but they think "of London" makes them sound upscale.) For those not grasping the DLC ties between Barack and Gordon, notice that Barack's web thugs are now in London helping New Labour. And tip to the three morons, learn to read a good-bye. As Roberta Flack sings "I know a good-bye when I see one" (Ashford & Simpon's "Uh-Uh-Oh-Oh, Look Out Here It Comes"). That's what that New Labour rag is promoting and, again, doing so because they want the US to join them in Gordon Brown's Afghanistan quagmire.

Gareth (a community member, not a drive-by) asked that we note this section of Deborah Haynes' "'Shoe man' Muntazer al-Zaidi looking well, says brother after jail visit" (Times of London):

"I told him that many people have held demonstrations demanding for your release. This raised his moral," the brother, 28, told The Times.
The journalist had been unaware of the international frenzy generated by his decision to lob his footwear at the outgoing President. The sight of Mr Bush ducking the flying shoes has become an iconic image of the war, spawning computer games and other spinoffs.
Explaining why he threw his shoes – seen as a deep insult in Arab culture -- Mr al-Zaidi told his brother: "What I did was because of my refusal and rejection of the occupation and the American policy in Iraq."

Charged with assault against a foreign head of state, he is still awaiting trial after an initial court date of December 31 was delayed.
"I wish to go back to my life, my friends and my family," he told his brother, a law student. "I did not commit a crime. I expressed my opinion and the opinion of all Iraqis."

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Elaine's "The New York Daily News rejected Caroline's article" results in one of the many uninformed Caroline groupies e-mailing "Ooops, you were right." I haven't read Draper's book. I didn't need to. I was around in real time. But hopefully the e-mailer will now confront Gregg Mitchell on the hagiography he tried to pass off as journalism. It takes a lot of stupid to praise Caroline for writing an article that was reworked line by line, top to bottom, by Harriet Fier.

By the way, does anyone else find it strange that Gregg Mitchell -- so well-known as someone who will not remember to include women when making his praise-lists -- would finally find a woman 'writer' to praise (Caroline Kennedy) who, in fact, can't write? Makes you grasp how Camelot was really a bunch of little boys, late at night in their beds, hitting puberty and pleasuring themselves then spending the last forty years trying to sell their jerk off fantasies as reality.

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