Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Blot won't wash out (or shut up)

It's hard to tell what's worse: that War Criminal Colin Powell's pimping his new co-written book It Worked For Me: Killing and Lying or how quickly the media rushes to whore for him.  Take Minnesota Public Radio which was so eager to whore they broadcast an hour of Collie The Blot speaking at the Commonwealth Club of California.  In other words, an infomercial was broadcast by MPR.

Collie The Blot:  A lot of people suggest that I was the key and that speech was the key  to all of the decision process that led to war but in fact it was an explanation of why we felt it was necessary to use military action.

There is something so very sick and twisted about Collie.  He really thinks he can rewrite history and ignore his War Crimes.

He goes on to claim the Congress members tell him he influenced their vote and he corrects them that they voted four months before his speech.  Left unsaid is what his speech did -- what it was supposed to -- silence critics in the press.  Gilbert Cranberg (Nieman Watchdog) went over that again back in December:

No retrospective on the Iraq war would be complete without reference to the part played by Colin Powell in convincing the country to go to war. Public opinion about the war was lukewarm until Powell spoke at the United Nations on Feb. 5, 2003. He gave such a boffo performance, complete with convincing visual aids, that public opinion turned around virtually overnight in support of war against Iraq.
The nation‘s press was gaga over Powell’s presentation, extravagantly lauding it despite its heavy reliance on unverifiable sources. One of the sources later proved to be “Curveball,“ an Iraqi prevaricator described by a German intelligence official who dealt with him as “not an entirely normal person.”
Powell’s most convincing evidence that Iraq was hiding weapons of mass destruction was the recording of an overheard conversation between two Iraqi officers that purported to show them plotting to deceive U.N. weapons inspectors. Powell misrepresented the conversation to make it appear much more incriminating than it actually was.

And Cranberg also called it out in real time, back in June 2003 for the Washington Post:

Take their immediate reaction to the administration's most comprehensive presentation about the Iraq threat -- Secretary of State Colin L. Powell's blow-by-blow report to the U.N. Security Council on Feb. 5. An examination of editorial comment on Powell's speech and slide show, in a mix of some 40 papers from all parts of the country, shows that while some were less convinced than others by Powell's attempt to link Hussein to terrorism, there was unanimity as to Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction: "a massive array of evidence," "a detailed and persuasive case," "a powerful case," "a sober, factual case," "an overwhelming case," "a compelling case," "the strong, credible and persuasive case," "a persuasive, detailed accumulation of information," "the core of his argument was unassailable," "a smoking fusillade . . . a persuasive case for anyone who is still persuadable," "an accumulation of painstakingly gathered and analyzed evidence," "only the most gullible and wishful thinking souls can now deny that Iraq is harboring and hiding weapons of mass destruction," "the skeptics asked for proof; they now have it," "a much more detailed and convincing argument than any that has previously been told," "Powell's evidence . . . was overwhelming," "an ironclad case . . . incontrovertible evidence," "succinct and damning evidence . . . the case is closed," "Colin Powell delivered the goods on Saddam Hussein," "masterful," "If there was any doubt that Hussein . . . needs to be . . . stripped of his chemical and biological capabilities, Powell put it to rest."
Journalists are supposed to be professional skeptics, but nowhere in the commentary was there a smidgen of skepticism about the quality of Powell's evidence. Powell cited almost no verifiable sources. Many of his assertions were unattributed.

The press favorite, the ultimate leaker, the always there on background, the always ready to dish Collie Powell went to the UN and lied and there was the press lapping it up.

And he did lie.  And he lies now pretending he thought what he was saying was true when the Los Angeles Times exposed that lie long ago. He thinks if he just keeps lying, he'll get away with it.  Not only get away with it, but also make money from it.

And there's MPR helping him out by an airing an infomercial.

His lies -- he called it a "blot" on his record back in 2005 -- supposedly haunt him.  That's the story he generally repeats in this little segments of broadcast time.  But given an hour infomercial what quickly emerges?

"My real regret," the War Criminal informs, "is that we didn't prosecute the war as aggressively as we might have."

Even now the little whore who could salute as long as it got him promotion -- check out Norman Solomon's past reporting on Collie's real Vietnam record and how he made the brass so very happy -- is pretending that lying about the Iraq War is a-okay.  The big problem isn't the lies, according to Liar Collie.

That's why you don't let trash in the door.

You take trash to the curb. 

You don't let it in the house because trash never changes.  It's always trash.  It may try to pretend it learned a lesson, it may try to act contrite but trash will always be trash and trash is all Colin Powell is.  For years now, his own personal Scott Pritchard has run to MSNBC, Consortium and any other place stupid enough to let trash enter their home.  And his lackey has insisted Collie was misled.  Damn lie.  Colin Powell knew what he was doing and gave false evidence. More importantly, there's never been any regret.  There wasn't in 2005 when he gave his interview to Barbara Watlers, there's not any regret now.

There's just justifications, excuses and, given enough time, an expressed desire for a more aggressive war.  It was an illegal war built on lies. 

He is a War Criminal and those who have excused him from the left should be ashamed of themselves.  Yes, he's yet again exposing himself.  But the trashy Powells were well known as trash years and years ago.  Not only that but the left shouldn't have forgotten where Big Boi Micheal Powell stood on deregulation -- he pushed it and pushed it.  But that and Colin's own War Crimes were set aside because the Beggars of Panhandle Media felt like insiders and real media by bringing on Powell's lackey who would repeatedly wash away the blood from Colin's hands.

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We'll close with this from international law expert Francis A. Boyle:

When Israel attacked the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, that constituted an “act of war” under international law, the laws of war, and United States Constitutional Law. Legally, then, a State of War ensued between the United States and Israel. For President Johnson and Defense Secretary McNamara to have ordered the return of the U.S. jet fighters already sent to defend the Liberty and her gallant crew constituted the federal crime of “treason” as defined by 18 United States Code Section 2381: “Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.” Of course I oppose the death penalty for anyone—even Johnson and McNamara.
University of Illinois Law Professor Francis A. Boyle has served as a pro bono publico Counsel to the Liberty Veterans Association.
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