Sunday, June 10, 2012


So fat ass Jalal Talabani stabbed everyone in the back again?  This is a surprise how?

Kitabat reports that, Saturday night, President Talabani declared he wouldn't forward the signatures for a no-confidence vote, thereby ending that process for the Parliament to vote Nouri al-Maliki out as prime minister.

When has fat ass Jalal ever done a damn thing for anyone but himself?

As we've pointed out, the grand stander on the death penalty could stop any execution.  But he refuses to.  Instead, he'll not vote for it.  And then someone else will sign off --as the process allows.  If the chicken s**t were really against the death penalty, he could refuse to allow them to go forward.  But he doesn't do that because he's a coward.

A coward and sell out.  When you're a glutten, a grossly obsese glutten, you need the US to support you because if you're valves aren't being cleaned out at the Mayo Clinic regularly, you'll die.  Funniest moment in Bush's second term took place when Jalal had just been discharged from the Mayo Clinic hours before, sat down to a pig out lunch and then went to a bookstore where he collapsed and it took three of his bodyguards to lift him.  He must weight over 350 pounds.

And, of course, his son just bought that house in the DC area.

And don't forget about Tareq al-Hashemi.

Iraq's Vice President is targeted by Nouri.  Jalal tells his vice president he will protect him in the KRG.  Nouri applies pressure and Jalal takes away the protection. After the first week, everyone knew it was KRG President Massoud Barzani protecting Tareq and not the weak and cowardly Jalal Talabani.  Massoud Barzani can stand up to a dozen Nouris.  All Jalal knows how to do is to cower in fear.

Jalal's a joke.  Whether he's selling out the Kurds and their hopes of independence or selling out the vice president or allowing his son to spend over a million dollars on a DC home or just betraying everyone, Jalal's a joke.  He's destroyed his political party and they really should expell him before the provincial elections.  When he made that comment that Kurdish independence would never come to be and it was nothing but a dream, that's when it was known his party would lose in the 2009 provincial elections.

He's a coward who dances for foreign masters.

He's a coward who dances when the US tucks a little money in his g-string -- as they did last week.

Qassim Abdul-Zahra (AP) notes it's not just the US hollering, "Back that ass up!"  No, Jalal dances for the government in Tehran as well, "Talabani has close ties to Iran, which has been using its leverage in Iraq to keep al-Maliki in place. Divisions among the prime minister's opponents may also be undercutting the no confidence push."

Jalal has so much in common with Nouri.  After the tremendous outrage in the KRG when Jalal declared Kurdish independence to be a dream ("The idea of a united Kurdistan is just a dream written in poetry"), Jalal insisted he would not seek a second term as president.

Then what happened?

Yes, he's a liar.  More than that, he's just like Nouri al-Maliki.

Did anyone really think that the Jalal, The Great Whore of Iraq, was going to stand up to Nouri? 


I'm traveling in some vehicle
I'm sitting in some cafe
A defector from the petty wars
That shell shock love away
-- "Hejira," written by Joni Mitchell, first appears on her album of the same name

The number of US military people killed in the Iraq War stands at  4489AP notes that a Baghdad mortar attack today killed 2 people and left fifteen injured.

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