Monday, December 31, 2012

Violence claims at least 20 lives with at least 50 more injured

Violence slams Iraq today as both the month and the year wind down.   All Iraq News notes a Baghdad mortar attack which left "multiple" people injured, an undisclosed number of people were injured in a Tuz Khurmatu car bombing, a Mosul polling stationg was attacked leaving 2 guards dead,  there was an attack on a Sahwa leader's home in Diyala Province today that left 1 of his bodyguards dead, 3 Musayyib bombings have left 4 people dead and another seven injureda Khalis car bombing has left fiften people injured and 2 Balad Ruz bombings left 4 members of one family dead and a child injured. Alsumaria notes that Ammar Youssef survived an attempted assassination by bombing today in Tikrit -- two civilians were injured in the bomb targeting the President of the Salahuddin Province Council.  Alsumaria reports a Baghdad car bombing has claimed 3 lives and left sixteen injured.  All Iraq News adds that the victims were largely part of a convoy planning a pilgrimage to pay respects to Imam Hussein.  All Iraq News also notes that visitors to a Shi'ite shrine in Babylon were targeted with a car bombing, leaving 1 dead and three injured.  And Alsumaria notes a Kirkuk rocket attack that left 5 police officers dead and six other people injured.

Let's do the math.  At least 20 are reported dead and at least fifty injured.  AP tries to track the violence here, Reuters here, RT here and BBC here.  All need to work a little harder.  AFP counts 12 dead.  Through Sunday, Iraq Body Count tabulates 236 deaths this month in Iraq from violence.

In other news Nouri and his thugs are attempting to crack down on the protests -- because that's what tyrants do.  And notice that the US government doesn't say one damn word.  As usual.  He is there puppet.  AFP explains that Nouri's Cabinet secretary has declared that the protests are illegitimate and illegal (while admitting they are Constitutional -- the thickness of State of Law's stupidity will never surprise).  By State of Law's 'logic,' the Civil Rights Movement was illegal.  You can't have protests without disruptions -- you can't even have a parade without disruptions.  Shame on the White House for their continued silence and they better start looking at the Iraqi press because this silence is not going unnoticed.

I didn't plan to do an entry this morning.  A friend with a wire service called and asked, "Did you see all the bombings?"  So I asked Ruth to wait a minute before posting her year-in-review here so I could do a quick entry on the violence.  (Thank you, Ruth.)  She will post her report as soon as this goes up.

Bonnie reminds that Isaiah's The World Today Just Nuts "Princess and President" went up last night.  In addition,  "2012 in Books (Martha & Shirley)" went up yesterday.  On this week's Law and Disorder Radio,  an hour long program that airs Monday mornings at 9:00 a.m. EST on WBAI and around the country throughout the week, hosted by attorneys Heidi Boghosian, Michael S. Smith and Michael Ratner (Center for Constitutional Rights) topics addressed include torture and rape in Iraqi prisons, the Eurpoean Court of Human Rights labeling CIA interrogration procedures as torture, the one and only Tariq Ali joins the hosts for a discussion of a number of important issues and the one and only Jim Lafferty was among those speaking at the National Lawyers Guild's recent 75th anniversary celebration and some of his speech is played.

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