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Her lies put Iraqis in danger before and do so now

The Albany Tribune headlines this 'news,' "U.S. Concerned Over Violent Protests in Iraq." It would be wonderful to be able to pin the blame on the Albany Tribune but they're not the ones who got it wrong.   Last night, I filled in for Rebecca at her site with "Nuland smears the protesters (C.I.)."  It was very clear what Neocon Victoria Nuland was saying and that she was intentionally smearing the protesters.

The Albany Tribune, like most US news outlets, has not covered the protests in Iraq.  The first feature they did was on Victoria Nuland's remarks in yesterday's State Dept press briefing.   She knew that would be the case for most US news outlets (print and broadcast) and she knew she could define the issue.

So she lied.  She has lied throughout and been the worst State Dept spokesperson in decades.  When people grade Hillary Clinton's tenure as Secretary of State, if they're honest, they'll include Victoria Nuland and her lies.

Yesterday, Nuland created a false equivalency claiming violence at protests (plural) when the only real violence was in Ramadi -- and it's still in dispute whether Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq's guards fired on the protesters or not. (I saw the photos in the Iraqi media of Saleh posing indignant, the day after, with apparent dried blood that looked like make up and a 'gash' above a cheekbone that also looked to me like make up.  That was Monday.  I also saw the photos of him yesterday as he and Speaker of Parliament Osama al-Nujaifi made a joint-announcement.  Skin does not heal that quickly.  If you pretend a facial injury for the cameras -- and he did -- don't expect me to believe you.)

The protests have been peaceful.  But Victoria Nuland lied and lied knowing she wouldn't get called on it.  Why would she?

This is the woman who worked for Dick Cheney, helped him plan the illegal war and she's now a spokesperson in Barack's administration.  In her mind, accountability is not a concept that applies to her.  Never doubt the 'seamless transition' of government is already in place as a neocon like Nuland is rewarded for her role in orchestrating the illegal war by being handed a high profile position.  Consequences don't exist for those who sold the illegal war.

And so now she thinks she can lie and attack protesters.  And the press present let her get away with it.  Mainly because they don't care about Iraq and were desperate to change the subject.  We've asked before what does it say about Barack and his administration that they pretend like Nuland wasn't Dick Cheney's right arm (Deputy National Security Advisor).  Maybe it's time to ask what does it say about the press?

As they sit there making jokes and calling out 'Tori!" and acting like the most depraved sychophants when they should be pressuring her.

Anytime these whores pretend like they're opposed to the Iraq War, remember they fawn over Victoria, they don't press her.  There's no Jake Tapper sitting in these press briefings, no Helen Thomas.  Just a bunch of brown nosers.

Victoria Nuland needs to be fired.  She never should have been let into the administration to begin with.  Over the fall, you saw various liars pretend to care about the Iraq War by insisting that Dan Senor advising Mitt Romeny was just so out of bounds!!!!!  They're whores.  If they weren't, they'd be calling out Dick Cheney's Deputy National Security Advisor being made State Dept spokesperson.

They don't give a damn about Iraq.

And their whorish actions have consequences.  Because they didn't give a damn about Iraq, Victoria Nuland was able to smear Iraqi activists yesterday.  She ran with it with a Donald Rumsfeld twinkle in her eye.

And that's on all the people who've allowed that neocon who drug the US into an illegal war to walk away scott free.  Victoria Nuland's lies put Iraqis in danger to being with and she continues to lie and continues to put Iraqis in danger.

 In better news, Charles Schelle (Patch) reports that Cindy Sheehan will be in Sarasota to speak and sign books:

Sheehan is set to appear at Bookstore1 at 7 p.m. Thursday to sign her book Revolution: A Love Story  then on Saturday, Jan. 5, she will be a part of the World Peace Deay celebration at New College of Florida's Sudakoff Hall. That even runs from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Sheehan will speak at 11:30 a.m. and participate in a panel discussion at 12:40 p.m. on community organizing.

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