Thursday, March 27, 2014

A New Economic Paradigm (David DeGraw)

David DeGraw notes the following:

Our organizing call was a HUGE success yesterday! Much thanks & love to all who participated. We will post the audio from it tomorrow. Next one is Tuesday 4/1 at 1pm EST.  So much happening...

Here's a brilliant new piece by Daniel Schmachtenberger from Critical Path Global in support of the Worldwide Wave...

Driving all of the major problems in our world is the fact that people are more financially incentivized to perpetuate them than to solve them... (read more)

Check out this new supportive wave riff from Barbara Marx Hubbard. She unleashed this during her Sacred Journey course...

"This is our Universal Humanhood.
We are part of a Wave.
We are bringing our Local Self and Essential Self into relationship and then...
We prepare ourselves for a #WaveOfAction...
Making this relationship between essence and ego, this is a global phenomenon now happening.

Just as the top down structures seem even more violent, this Wave is rising.

Imagine what will happen when the 'Local Selves' becomes part of the larger waves of humans
making this shift."

David Swanson has a new inspiring call to action for "Opening Day"... #WaveOfAction Is Coming, The Time Is Now To PrepareYou can also listen to the audio version here.

One last thing, we haven't spent much time spreading this around yet, but please support our Wave Launch ThunderClap and spread the word about it.  ThunderClaps are very effective at getting the word out - especially when marketing budgets are nonexistent

It's a crowdsourced grassroots uprising... and now is the time for you to write peices, make videos, create graphics and ORGANIZE YOUR ACTIONS.