Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Wave of Action conference call (David DeGraw)

David DeGraw notes the following:

On Friday we will unleash our 1 week til #WaveOfAction launch ThunderClap. Please join forces with us to awaken the masses here ~ Wave ThunderClap.

Good News... Our friends at Maestro were kind enough to gift InterOccupy with an unlimited amount of call-in people for our organizing calls throughout the Wave. So you can RSVP here to get on the call and now share this info publicly...

We will have the following speakers on the call...
  • Russell Brand, Comedian/Revolutionary
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard, Conscious Evolution
  • Kevin Zeese, Popular Resistance
  • Joan Donovan, InterOccupy
  • Priscilla Grim, OccupyWallSt
  • Patrick Kronfli, Unify
  • Kiiki Anon, Wave of Action UK
  • David DeGraw, Wave of Action
  • More organizers TBA...

We will have at least 30 minutes for open questions. Russell Brand will be on at the very beginning of the call, so make sure to get on by 1pm ESTBarbara Marx Hubbard will be on right after Russell.  Here is her new piece in support of the Worldwide Wave...

Barbara Marx Hubbard, author of the groundbreaking book Conscious Evolution: Awakening Our Social Potential, shares her wisdom on the state of the emerging new paradigm and our role in it. (Read More)

11 Days To Go!  rEvolution incoming...