Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Below is the latest David Swanson radio broadcast.

Swanson will be noted in the next entry.

A number of e-mails complain -- I agree, read Ava and my "Media: Pacifica Radio (Ava and C.I.)," if you haven't already -- that there's so little worth listening to radio wise.

Pacifica Radio doesn't want to be the radio of the left, it's instead decided to betray Lew Hill's legacy by playing hand maiden to the Democratic Party.

As if there's not enough excited thigh rubbing and gasping "Barack!" on NPR already, Pacifica rushes to join in.  In fairness to NPR, they whore for the occupant of the Oval Office regardless of political party.  That's what happens when craven cowards pass themselves off as 'news.'

They're not news.  News isn't breathlessly gushing over whomever is president (or in Bully Boy Bush's case, the occupant of the Oval Office).

So, as Cher once asked, "Where do you go?"

She answered, "I don't know."

But we've noted CBS Radio News before.

Three e-mails asked where is it?

It is hard to find at the CBS News website.

We've added to the links on the right.  You'll have to scroll way down because it doesn't update (the position on the links is based on when you last updated -- I made that choice with the layout because those who are doing new work deserve to be higher up the link list).

Maybe that will help some of you looking for something to listen to as Pacifica continues to disappoint and disgrace.  It's not left news, I don't mean to imply that it is.

CBS News Radio broadcasts reports prepared for radio as well as audio clips from their various news programs and public affairs programs.

It strives for middle of the road.

When the options for left listeners are gush or middle of the road,  mature listeners will stomach middle of the road as opposed to fawning and bias.

I included David Swanson's soundcloud in this to offer a non-corporate alternative.